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Any job prospects for non-QTS Teacher as a TA in Spain?

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by curlyclaire35, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. curlyclaire35

    curlyclaire35 New commenter

    Here's my background. I'm PGCE qualified for the post-compulsory sector here in the UK but do not have QTS. I have worked in FE as a Study Support Teacher, and have done loads of supply work in secondary schools as an English teacher. I'm also CELTA qualified and have taught EFL to kids and adults. To complicate matters, I would ideally want to work in a primary school in Spain, and hope to do some TA work here in London over the next year to get some experience. Can anyone advise me about my chances of finding work next year as a TA in primary schools, and what kind of salary should I expect?
  2. lumpyloo

    lumpyloo New commenter

    In Madrid you'd have lots of opportunities. Not sure about the salary maybe 15000€ at some in Madrid, but it must vary widely. You can easily earn 30€ in Madrid tutoring.

    My advice would be to drop off a cv or send it to a Headteacher then follow it up, maybe with a visit or a phonecall or it could be ignored. If you visit the NABSS website you will find some schools to target. There seems to be lots of expansion within British schools, if you look at the teaching jobs on tes you'll get an idea of schools that are expanding too, even though they'll advertise for teachers they need TAs too. Also in Madrid there is lingobongo.com/Madrid and in-madrid.com just in case you fancy working in Madrid!

    They will look for experience but they do look for aptitude as well.

    Hope this helps a little.
  3. miketribe

    miketribe Occasional commenter

    According to the Convenio Colectivo, the annual pay for TAs is between 16,000 and 18,000 p.a. gross. Some private schools will pay more than that but none should be paying less. There is a list of international schools in Madrid here (http://www.easyexpat.com/en/madrid/school/international-schools.htm) but this is certainly not complete. Additionally, there are more and more Spanish schools here which are delivering all or part of their curriculum in English. They can be more difficult to find but google should help!
  4. curlyclaire35

    curlyclaire35 New commenter

    Cheers both posters, very helpful info.

  5. lumpyloo

    lumpyloo New commenter

    The British Council also run schemes too, they often advertise on tes too.

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