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Any international SEN teachers...

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by kellyluise, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. kellyluise

    kellyluise New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I've just taken over a Learning Support department in a school overseas and wanted to know if anyone else was in this position, outside of the UK? I live in a country that isn't the most support about SEN but the school is.... I just wondered if there was anyone out there so I could pick your brains a little...


  2. Bracdia204

    Bracdia204 New commenter

    Hi Lou,

    Yes I'm outside of the Uk and in a place where SEN support is poor in the country. I've just been allocated the role and the record keeping is terrible a terrible state. I have know idea where to start ...
    any pointers would be great. I do remember reading a post on here about useful books for people starting out as SENco but i didn't take down the title!
  3. wrldtrvlr123

    wrldtrvlr123 Occasional commenter

    Hi. I have been a learning support coordinator in an int'l school and school head of 2 very small special needs int'l schools. Happy to offer my two cents. FWIW.
  4. taylorhevs

    taylorhevs New commenter

    Dear all,

    I am SENDCo at an international school and have implemented SEN within the school for the last two years. I am in the process of developing SEN across our school group and would like to have more contacts to share resources etc with. If you want to ask me something specific please feel free to email me at h.molloy@stgeorgesschool.de . Look forward to hearing from you.
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