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Any innovative ideas....?

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by stodgey, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Does anyone have any innovative ideas regarding delivery models for PSHE? We currently operate a mixed economy of normal lessons being converted to PSHE lessons on a rolling ad-hoc basis every few weeks and off timetable sessions with each year group every now and then. All teaching staff are responsible for delivering the PSHE curriculum to their Reg Group. Generally this works satisfactorily except that staff are not always enthusiastic about teaching it and subject teachers lose contact time with students which is invaluable in some instances, particularly with examination groups etc. We thought about timetabling PSHE weekly/fortnightly but can't fit it into the timetable. We have also thought about delivering sessions within registration time rather than lesson time but don't want to devalue PSHE. We are firmly committed to delivering it and fully recognising its importance. We need, however, to explore all other options.

    Any innovative ideas or models that work would be appreciated.
  2. hello
    best fit is timetabled lessons delivered by specialist teachers - we do this in my 14-19 Academy, 2 lessons per fortnight, and this allows teaching staff to be completely confident in dealing with sensitive issues - not just the SRE - but the associated stuff like domestic violence, independent careers information and advice, healthy living, driving sensibly etc
    this allows us to cover the full economic and personal wellbeing curriculum, as well as the statutory religious studies requirement.
    it's great compared to the tutor time delivery model, which is hard monitor and difficult to assess progress.

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