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Any ideas for an outstanding revision lesson?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by emj77, May 20, 2009.

  1. I've got an observation coming up and it needs to be outstanding - it will be of a GCSE revision lesson so I wondered if anyone had any ideas for how to make the lesson interesting and challenging - top group so want to stretch them without giving them too much new information as primary purpose is revision.
    Thanks in advance for your ideas [​IMG]
  2. I'll try to be a bit more helpful than grandelf.
    Like Kittenface said, the observer will be looking for a clear structure within the lesson and ticking all the boxes she mentioned. As for content, revision games get them motivated (and lots can be found in restuff), but often just recap knowledge rather then consolidate. So if you went down this route, maybe have this fjust or a starter.
    I have tried revision tasks such as pupils coming up withrevision mneumonics, or changing the lyrics to well known songs so they can remember better - they enjoyed this and the fact that they were learning transferable revision skills.
    I would definatly have some sort of exam question based AfL task.
    Good luck

  3. Hi emj77. I was observing such a lesson recently and like the carosel activity based on past questions (which you can find on the exam board revision sites). Students working in pairs / groups were given a type A, B or C question and then given an appropraite amount of time to answer the question. Leveing their answer papers they then had to move on one space and mark the question paper they found in their new place, adding comments if they felt the answer could be improved. This was to be done in a new colour.
    They then moved on one more place and the teacher would then run though the answer and they would "mark the marking" in yet a different colour. This helps students with a number of core skills for the examination:
    (i) Answering succintly and within the rough time limits for a question
    (ii) Marking a question helps with understanding of a good answer
    (iii) The 'meta-marking' helps them understand how they can improve on their own answers
    All studetns then get back a copy of the scripts.
    You could then type these up onto a space for the VLE / MLE (or get the students to do so only a forum if this exists) so they have a bank of these answers for further revision.
  4. Search for "outstanding revision game" in resources and you'll get my revision lesson resource, which you can easily adapt. I nearly got an outstanding the 1st time I tried it, just be aware of how much time the admin of marking and handing out of money will take if you're on your own. You can get them to self mark if they're a big group.
    Good luck

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