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Any help GREATLY appreciated re:Year 3 topics

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sspal, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Will endeavour to send my Romans and Egyptians plans to those who've requested. Witter, witter!
  2. Hi 'blagartist' your Romans through story sounds interesting and I love doing role-play (also teaching Romans in Y3), could you please send me your plans? I would appreciate very much. Thanks : ) Enjoy the rest of your hols.
  3. I'm having similar issues with planning this topic. Please could I have a copy of your overview/plans so I can see how to adapt the unit for us!
  4. Have now sent the romans and sandwiches planning to those who requested. Sorry for the delay. Please let me know what you think.
    Blag :)
  5. Hi Blagartist,

    Sorry to ask but your Roman story idea sounds fab and I am moving in to year 3 this year. Would you mind sending it to me please? I have taught Romans to year 4/5 before and I will be happy to send you my plans if you would like!

    My email is powens1234@aol.com

  6. Hi, All your ideas sound fab. Im will be starting my NQT year in September and my first topic is Ancient Greeks - Im getting a little confused about how to approach it through cross - curricular themes. I will be teaching year 4 for the first time ;-) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    If anyone has any plans or anything it would be great.

    Could you email them to me kround66@yahoo.com

    Thanks again!!
  7. Hi, for plants we have started our own garden project where we combine science, numeracy and literacy together. We grow our own vegetables and then the kids do experiments with grass. We even compost all of the left over food from lunch time. In terms of numeracy we made rain gages this year and the kids had to develop their own scale in mL and then we recorded and charted the rain fall over a month. Also, we got one of thos butterfly kits and the kids watched them grow and then after a couple of weeks when they had all come out we left them go and did some writing projects on it. I have to say that with this all in one project you can do just about anything. This year we are going ot have the kids write reports on their grow bags and then we are going to turn it into a news report.
  8. Hey blagartist, really love your idea of teaching the romans through a story, can I be really cheeky and ask for your planning? My email is susie.nunn@googlemail.com

    Thanks so much! xx
  9. Bleeurgghhh stay away from QCA!
    We teach cross-curricularly and from the childrens interests/suggestions. I teach Year 2 and this term they've decided they want to do lots about halloween/spooky things, so i'm extending that outwards and incorporating some work on mummys/egypt to hit history/geography.
    We have skills progression grids for all the foundation subjects, and we highlight off objectives we cover during each theme. Towards the end of the year we do have to tailor the topics to the remaining objectives more so than we needed to at the beginning...But to be honest I find that as long as you have quite a big 'umbrella' topic that is not to narrow you can link in almost anything!
  10. Tudors , Romans Egyptians - If you are looking for cross curricular ideas around these topics - I have found that Out of the Ark have a great history series called Class Assembly, its got songs, simple script but but also 4 pages of cross curricular ideas too.

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