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Any Head of Media Studies out there to help me?

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by hioannidis, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Hi

    I'm based in the south east/ west london. Derbyshire is a bit too far for me! Thank you
  2. Hi dougleman, is your department looking to recruit this year? I'm a PGCE student doing English and Media but I want to become much more Media based.

  3. Hi
    No vacancies, I was just going to suggest to Helena (as she's unqualified) that an artist in residence type role for media might at least be a starting point and that I'll ask around in my area. I am having someone from another school over for the day (just to talk media, share ideas etc) - depends where you're based? For me, media was something I introduced with a colleague and it's really taken off (the department is still relatively new) but it depends on your school context - I'm very fortunate to be in a school that is open to new ideas.

  4. That is really fortunate - I'm finding either teachers that teach Media and English want to hold on to their Media classes or departments are dead against the subject. I know Swanwick Hall - I actually used to live in one of the catchment areas when I was much younger (Ironville!)
    Thanks for the info

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