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any great assembly ideas for reception NQT!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by snj13, May 16, 2007.

  1. I'm planning my first ever Reception assembly for after half term and am stuck for great ideas. My topics at the time will be seeds/plants etc and want to make it as fun as possible!!

    Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. assembly ideas don't have to link to my topic! any ideas would be great!
  3. I did my first assembly today - we did Noah's Ark. I told the story and the children acted it out. I could e.mail the script to you if you want. Or what about doing the Little Red Hen? I'm sure you could make sure everyone has a part.

    Good luck with whatever you do.
  4. Thank you, love both ideas. Hope your assembly went well, if you don't mind a copy of your script would be really useful!

    My email is sayeh_13@hotmail.com

    Thank you again!
  5. Have just done the Rainbow Fish with mine.We sang the Rainbow song and then they danced with fish on sticks.Then we acted the play out (ayear 1 read partsof the story) then we finished with them turning their fish round with the gorgeouse sparkley side showing more dancing.
  6. Hi there, I'm year 1 NQT. Planning on doing Noah's ark for my assembly this term, got some idea but would love a peek at how to script it. If I could have a copy of yours Fizzer that would be ace. Many thanks x

  7. There is a good Enormous Turnip song in '3 Singing pigs'...could theme it round everyone working together to achieve a goal!
  8. Hi,

    my y1 assembly is after half term, am also doing plants/growth. Someone suggested for me - about doing about spring and looking at all areas of growth.

    Have also remembered a book that relates to growth called 'Sam plants a sunflower' -


    which I am basing my assembly on.
  9. Hi, if possible could you send me the script for the story about a sunflower. Thanks, really appreciate it!
  10. Hi Fizzer, would love a copy of your Noahs ark script ASAP! I have been put upon to do a class assembly at short notice!!! Typical. Thanks x
  11. Fizzer, if you still have it I would love a copy of your Noah's ark script. I am struggling to simplify the story so any ideas/help would be really useful! Thank you.

  12. Fizzer, if its not too much trouble would you mind emailing me a copy of the noahs ark assembly. Thanks, kerry
  13. Hi Drifter2005
    i know you wrote this post in 2008 (and im not sure if you will receive this), but i was wondering by any chance if you could send me any info you have on your assembly- my reception assembly is soon and wanted to base it on the same book.

  14. Me too please if I'm not too late

    Thaks in advance


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