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Any good websites for KS3 English and Maths please?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by MaisieMai, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. MaisieMai

    MaisieMai New commenter

    Have just started tutoring children in Years 6 and 8. As a primary school teacher, I feel able to teach the KS3 child, but am unfamiliar with any websites (other than the TES) to which teachers can go for resources. Primary teachers use primaryresources.co.uk and teachingideas.co.uk etc, but are there similar sites for KS3 please?
    Many thanks.
  2. Are you sure you put Key stage 3 teaching resources (without typos) in Google and it still came back with nothing?
    Perhaps even Teaching Resources (with a UK only search) may have been better,
  3. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    You won't find the same array of websites for KS3 as you do for primary, because the curriculum offer in secondary schools is not quite so formulaic. Also, because money is more readily available in secondaries, often the gaps are filled with purchased resources rather than sharing in the same way as happens at primary.
    TES is probably as good a starting point as any. Also Kangaroo Maths and TeachIt are good.
  4. It depends what you are looking for but teachit.com offers some great English resources for KS3 and 4, also BBC bitesize have worksheets and interactive games for English and Maths.
  5. for maths ks3 and ks4, emaths.co.uk and emaths.org have a lot of resources.
  6. MaisieMai

    MaisieMai New commenter

    Thanks again; I will check these sites out.

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