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Any GOOD resources for a KS3 lesson on the Torah?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by drgrew, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for a video clip that actually covers the Jewish Torah.

    I've checked the BBC Belief files, BBC pathways of Belief, BBC dead sea scrolls, CH4 Who wrote the Bible, BBC learning Zone and a variety of other videos. None of them actually cover information about the Torah. They give about 20 seconds and then they're on the Talmud or the Mishna. They don't cover it in any details regarding how, what ,where, when and why.

    I'm shocked into disbelief that there doesn't seem to be a resource that actually explains about the Torah.

    In order to have a 5 minute clip I'd need to splice together information from about ten different sources. Even to get a page from a Text Book that actually covers all the bases about the Torah seems non existent!

    I'm thinking of giving up teaching and going into making resources. Only problem is that no one's got a budget to buy anything!

    Can anyone point me to a 5 minute clip on the Torah, the Torah and nothing but the Torah!

  2. Helena Handbasket

    Helena Handbasket New commenter

  3. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    Preparing for a lesson on the Torah once, when I was in New York, I went to the Jewish district and talked to several leaders in the Jewish community there, asking what would be most important to communicate about the Torah to my classes. The over-riding message that I got was that the Torah actually means 'way of life' rather than a particular collection of texts.

    Another thing about the Torah which I found inspiring relates, if I remember rightly, to a workshop by Sue Philips (there is another thread here about one of her workshops and I can't recommend them too highly. They are really inspiring.) - that was that when some of the Jews were taken to concentration camp by the Nazis, they took with them what was most important in their lives - and some actually wound the book of the Torah (which is a scroll) around their chest, next to their skin.

    The question arising from this, to ask your students to reflect on, is 'what is most important in your life, most valuable to you and why?'
  4. Someone has mentioned this to me before and I really think it is quite a bizarre story. I don't think it should be taught as truth. The Torah takes a year to read, is written on heavy parchment and we once opened it out and it stretched more than once around my synagogue. To think of someone wrapping it around themselves is really odd, it would make them massive and would have the associated issues of the letters rubbing off, which would make it 'pasul'. Torah scrolls did survive the Holocaust but many were hidden, eg in walls. Most Jews would have gone to the concentration camps with memories of key prayers and this sustained them.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-3b7ls3-dI&feature=share This is a beautiful film about a Sefer Torah (scroll) being brought to a village community in Uganda and it shows their love for it

  6. FollyFairy

    FollyFairy Occasional commenter

  7. http://www.cleo.net.uk/resources/displayframe.php?src=465/consultants_resources%2Freligiouseduc%2FjudaismS%2Fservice.html
  8. Thank you!

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