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Any experience of......

Discussion in 'Primary' started by blundellgirl43, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. blundellgirl43

    blundellgirl43 New commenter

    teaching children whose parents teach at the school. Are there any advantages? Or is it all negative?
  2. blundellgirl43

    blundellgirl43 New commenter

    teaching children whose parents teach at the school. Are there any advantages? Or is it all negative?
  3. I teach a child whose mother is doing TP at the school. I was pretty nervous about it but it's actually fine. She is very lovely, and she appreciates all the 'behind the scenes' work and how tough the job is. She is also very easy to talk to because I can just say: 'he's a 3c' and she know that this means and it's all very straightforward! I get that in this situation, though, any power relationship is tipped in my favour and it wouldn't necessarily be this easy on me if, say, I were the NQT teaching the HT's child.
  4. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    I've taught the children of teachers and TAs - I've even taught my own son!
    Never found it a problem. Often the OH of the staff member would come for parents' evening. With my own son I would usually have a chat with teachers rather than a consulation appointment.
    I might add both my son and I really enjoyed the time we spent in class together. [​IMG]

    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    I think it depends on the parent ... and the child!
  6. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    I have taught teacher's and suupport staff's children at both the schools I have taught at and had no problems really. One boy tried to run to mummy a lot, she did back him up ofent, but as long as evidence was logged and you give her a tip off first things were okay. I write in child's planners as with other children and only gave comments on general progress/behaviour if askead.
  7. Obviously it all depends on personalities involved but I have often found it hardest for the child than it is for me or their parent. Try to keep this at the forefront of your mind if you are teaching a child whose parent teaches at the same school.
    The child has almost no privacy- school and home life is played out in front of their parent.
    Parents can often swing two ways- really hard on child or really lenient.
    It can be hard for child to know where the boundaries between home and school are- all children are different at home.
    Other children and parents can be harsh- teasing/seeing favouritism.
    It's a challenge for all involved to make it positive but it can certainly be done.
  8. I am currently teaching a TAs son, and another TA's grandson. It's generally fine but I find the trickiest thing is that they are both at school ''out of hours'' as they wait around after school, and this is frustrating because they become overly-familiar and confident with both the staff and the school environment - I therefore find behaviour more of an issue because they've developed a bit of a c0cky streak.
    Also, ironically, one of them is a child who very rarely brings his reading diary or does his homework which frustrates me because his mum is a fantastic TA who puts a lot of effort in with her class - almost so much that she forgets her own son needs to do the work too!
  9. blundellgirl43

    blundellgirl43 New commenter

    Thanks for the replies, only asking because I have been questioned why I have moved said child's Literacy group as she is always in the top group (this has come from the child!). Then another teacher told me I needed to be careful, checked the recent test results, changed them and said I needed to put her back in the top group as soon as possible.
    I wasn't asked why I'd moved any of the other children, in fact I'd moved everyone!
    I can only think it is because her mum is in the school.
    I have never experienced this before.
  10. I've taught two teacher's children and scores of TA's children. I taught the Assistant Head's daughter as an NQT (she also interviewed me for the mat cover job, and the perm post I applied for at the end of that year!) I currently teach the son of another teacher. Never been an issue. Lovely parents who understand the difficulties and were not pushy or helicoptery (my word!). Helped also by the fact that the children have all been great too!
    The TAs have always been great too - at least to my face!
  11. Just noticed this. Totally out of order in my view. I would query it. Who told you to move her back, and what business is of theirs?

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