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Any experience of Clomid?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by mollymania, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. Does anyone have any experience of Clomid? I was given a prescription for 3 months last week when I saw the consulant following my HSG (which was all clear [​IMG]).
    I think the plan is to take this for 5 days for each of next 3 cycles and if no success then move to IVF referral as we have been trying now for 14 months with no obvious cause of infertility.
    Anyway if anyone has taken Clomid and can tell me anything I'd be grateful - there is some scary side effect stuff online so I am trying to stay away from Google.
    Anyone know what success rates are like for Clomid?
    Does anyone on any of the baby threads have a Clomid success story? [​IMG]
    Someone has suggested taking it last thing at night to minimise side effects - is this a good idea?
    Any information or advice appreciated - many thanks [​IMG]
  2. Hi Molly-just replied on Been TTC for ages...
  3. Hi Molly
    No info but I have just been prescribed Clomid (well a little while ago but due to start taking it). Bit scared too as I have been prescribed 100mg on my first round. Side effects seem to vary but not looking forward to them.
    I heard about taking at night so that is what I plan to do. Let me know how you get on.
  4. katycustard

    katycustard Occasional commenter

    I have two children, a 13 yr old son and a 10 yr old daughter thanks to Clomid. It was a long time ago that I took it so can't remember any details of how long, how often etc. I had no side effects, I do remember my consultant saying I could take more than you were supposed to because of my age (son at almost 40, daughter at almost 43). Although I think this was in the lenght of time I took them for rather than the amount I took. I started on Clomid when my son was 8 months old and conceived 19 months later when we took the last course before giving up.
    Good luck
  5. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    Hi, I was given Clomid following miscarriages. I fell pregnant on month 2 - but I'd also started using progesterone cream then. Sadly, I miscarried again.
    I used it for a month, following that miscarriage and I got terrible ovary pain, so stopped using it and had to have scans etc. Before I got the opportunity to take it again, I fell pregnant and am currently just short of 28 weeks.
    The only side effect I experienced was getting spots! A friend of mine her hair became very greasy and stopped growing! Another friend had her longed-for baby!
    Good luck!
  6. katycustard

    katycustard Occasional commenter

    I forgot to say I wasn't having periods at all. I had to take something to bring one on, so I could take the clomid on whatever days of the cycle you were meant to. Then I had to wait, do a pregnancy test before I could take any more of whatever they were to stimulate a bleed so I could take more clomid. I did say it was a long time ago! My life seemed to consist of taking tablets and doing pregnancy tests. However it was worth it!
  7. Thanks very much for the replies.
    Well AF arrived yesterday so will I start taking the Clomid tonight. I will update on any side effects (in case anyone searches on here for info on Clomid in the future!) and any other outcomes!
  8. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    I had to do the same thing to prepare for Clomid but the pg test was a bfp! 11 months of trying with polycystic ovaries and probs with hubby too. Massive fluke, we had conceived naturally against the odds and we now have our gorgeous baby daughter so never needed the Clomid, but I'll use it to conceive our 2nd baby in a couple of years if I need to. Terrified of having twins though, I always thought it would be lovely to have them (and I'm sure it would be in a way) but a friend of mine has twins and OMG it's manic! Best of luck with the Clomid x
  9. katycustard

    katycustard Occasional commenter

    we now have our gorgeous baby daughter

    What a lovely thing to hear.
  10. Hello Mollymania,
    My best friend reluctantly took clomid as she had PCOS. She was really suspicious about it but her consultant told her it was her best bet. She got pregnant on the first cycle and had a baby boy. It was a similarly successful story for her next pregnancy after which she had a baby girl. They are currently driving her nuts! They are lovely though! As far as I know she did not experience side effects.

    Wishing you loads of luck,[​IMG]
  11. Well, I was prescribed clomid as went several months no period, no ovulation. Took it from CD5-9, then ovulated around Cd19-20. After I ovulated had to take progesterone tablets for 10 days, then stop if not pg to bring on a bleed and start a new cycle.
    I had no real side effects from the clomid - think I started on 50mg - and had been expecting more due to all my googling! What I did worry about was CM, so drank a lot of water and also tried the cough syrup thing.
    Anyway, did one cycle and the result is now 7 days old and fast asleep in her cot, so I am a big fan of clomid! Hope it works well for you, and don't be worried about side effects too much, they are usually just of list of things that 'could' happen but very rarely do!

  12. How did you get on with the clomid mollymania? I have a drs appointment tonight after officially ttc for 6 months but having no period in that time. Blood tests have showed no reason for not ovulating. Going to ask to be referred or put on clomid (not sure if dr will prescrib or if I'll need referral first.)

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