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Any exciting ideas?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by purplemonkey7, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. purplemonkey7

    purplemonkey7 New commenter

    Hi all,

    Was wondering if any of you out there who teach Edexcel Religion and Society could help me out? I love the course but I don't find the first part of Rights and Responsibilities very exciting! I am looking for a really interesting way to teach about how Christians make moral decisions, specifically looking at the Bible and the Church. I have thought about Marketplace for example, but I use that a fair bit so don't want an overkill. Thought about presentations, but I think it's kind of throwing them in at the deep end too soon!

    Any ideas would be great! Thanks :)

    Good luck to everyone for their first week back!
  2. Lol if you think of anything let me know as I have just rewritten this unit and drawn a blank myself! For an intro on the different types of authority Iuse the Ned Flanders Powerpoint that someone from here put on Restuff I think if I recall correctly.

    I do some general discussion on authority - how come some teacers only have to look at you but others you can take liberties with - what is it that gives some authority - how does this link in with the church.
    Do an odd one out activity with images teaching them the difference between church and Church

    I've just used these two lessons as an opportunity to do some exam practice and peer assessment and saved my fun stuff for things like cloning.

  3. purplemonkey7

    purplemonkey7 New commenter

    Great, thanks for that Leviosa. If I come up with anything dynamic myself I'll let you know :)
  4. haven't taught this properly for a few years. I seem to remember I would get them to brainstorm a load of moral decisions/decisions/dilemmas. You can prep some too to get them in the right direction.
    Put each on a large piece of paper.
    Then get the students to decide whether it is 'right' or wrong' by using a resource pack.
    In the pack was something like, a bible, some Church leader quotes ( with who said it), a cut out of a priest/leader with guidance, the pope with speech bubbles etc Anything which gives enough material for them to use to answer the dilemmas.
    Let them look through the packs and decide which 'sources' they have i.e I have a Bible, I have what the Pope says, I have what a priest says etc
    They need need to write around the dilemma all the 'answers' to the dilemmas including small quotes to the dilemmas.
    We then dicussed the pros/cons of each method.
    For differentiation you can put some specific quotes/passages in so they don't have to search so much.
    Hope that makes sense. The idea is that they 'experience' the difficulties of using the Bible ( ambiguity etc) and listening to sources in the Church.
    You could deliberately put a dilemma in that you know there is no 'answer' to lead them into the use of conscience when there isn't other guidance.


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