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Any examples of religious questions they may ask in a RC primary school interview?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by garlictractor, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. garlictractor

    garlictractor New commenter

    I work at a R.C school , had my interveiw back in october , spent whole day googling catholic ethos in schools and no questions at all!
    do a lot of revising on your chosen years curriculam and have some interesting things to say about yourself , schools love to know what else you may have to offer. Over investigate and then you will be so clued up they wont get to the catholic ethos .

  2. I was asked 2 questions about religion, one from the Father and one from the Head.
    1 - What do you think the Catholic ethos of the school represents and how will you support it.
    2 - Our school encourages all children to learn forgiveness and reconciliation, in what ways do you think we could do this?
  3. I had an interview at a Catholic secondary a few months ago. I was asked what would I do to support the Christian ethos of the school.
  4. Hi everyone thank you for your replies!!
    Maybe I am over thinking the catholic side of things!!
    What would you say to that then chickensandhens??
  5. In a Catholic school, all areas of the school reflect the ethos of the Catholic church. You can't over think the Catholic side. The fact that you are considering this makes you an ideal candidate.

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