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Any call for tutors up to year 4

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by jaq35, May 20, 2018.

  1. jaq35

    jaq35 New commenter


    I’ve recently handed my notice in from a part time post. I’m wondering about supply and tutoring. I have 20 years experience predominantly in key stage 1 but have confidence to teach to year 4. Is there any call for tutors for children this young? Also, what time do you tutor from and to? Many thanks
  2. theluckycat

    theluckycat Occasional commenter

    Yes, although obviously dependent on where you're based, what you price yourself at etc. I tutor YR-Year 6, although it is quite hard to keep on top of every aspect of the curriculum as it is so broad nowadays. I tutor from 4.30ish to about 7.30pm, and did use to do Saturday morning.
  3. jaq35

    jaq35 New commenter

    Thank you theluckycat xxx
  4. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    Mrs P has only had small amounts of tutoring that young, but did have a busy year with a year 3 who needed a lot of help.
  5. wickedsmartplus

    wickedsmartplus New commenter

    If you live in the London area, the 7+ and 8+ entrance exam means that many Year 1 and 2 students require the assistance of a tutor before the big day. Online tuition is also a great option as it allows you to be more flexible in terms of your working hours. Good luck!
    Mrsmumbles likes this.
  6. sjs_g

    sjs_g New commenter

    I've been tutoring yrR to yr 4 for 18 months and surprisingly there is a demand!
    I'm hoping to break into the home schooling community now so my tutoring is during school hours and less after school and weekends.
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  7. Kateray1

    Kateray1 Occasional commenter

    I’ve just taken on my first yr 4 this week, I’m seeing them at 6 pm after teatime. I have offered times up to 9pm at night and anytime over weekends.
    At the moment take up seems to be afternoon/evenings.
  8. frustum

    frustum Lead commenter

    I think you'll find less demand for younger pupils from the home-schooling community - most parents aren't going to home-school unless they're reasonably confident doing it themselves up to a reasonable level.
  9. Happyregardless

    Happyregardless Occasional commenter

    Hi Jaq - yes I believe there is. I am a Primary Teacher with similar years experience to yourself. the majority of requests I receive ( most of which I've had to turn down in the last term because supply work has been 'full time') have been primary up to year 6 and most under or actually year 4. The pupil I am currently tutoring is Year 4, just having gone up to year 5 this September. I tutor from 5pm - 6pm once a week, but when busy teaching this can be 4.30pm - 5.30pm as I basically drive straight from work and then want to get home earlier to let dogs out! I received a lot more regular requests but, as I said turned these down because of 'main teaching work'. Usually there's nothing at all over the Summer - maybe one or two but this yeat have received about four requests, turning them down as I was also working as a dog boarder over the Summer! A point I'm kicking myself for a bit now as September first week has been quiet!

    I'm not that happy with the platform/website that introduced us, as it is efficient enough service but they do cream off 25% commission for every tutorial you complete? I actually came to this forum to compare other tutors' experiences, having just seen yet another platform via Gov job site, that does exactly the same thing with commission fees?

    Would be interesting anyone else who has been successful with tutoring through just word of mouth and/ or a site that takes less commission, although they have been professional enough and processed payments and bookings okay?

    Also I would say 'go for it' don't let age-experience hold you back. I was initially trained 20 years ago as an 'upper KS2 primaru teacher' but have had equal experience over the yeats in Nursery to year 6 and really don't have a preference now - you just adapt and use different teaching styles and approaches. I do hope that helps a bit .
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  10. Kateray1

    Kateray1 Occasional commenter


    My website takes 25% for first 100 hours then eventually it’s reduced to 15%. Going to take a while to get there though I think. I only do tutoring because I struggled to get a TA post again.

    I am hoping in about 6 months to use word of mouth and do my own marketing etc so I don’t have to rely on the website.
    Happyregardless likes this.
  11. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    I wouldn't entertain anything that took commission!
    My tutees come from Facebook, tutor hunt, UK tutors, first tutors and word of mouth. I don't have a website.
    The websites I've mentioned charge the tutees a finder fee.
    Not a chance am I paying a penny to anyone else when I've done the work.
    Happyregardless likes this.
  12. Kateray1

    Kateray1 Occasional commenter


    I do set the fee so I just encorporate the commission into that so I get the amount I want.
  13. becca3471

    becca3471 New commenter

    Hi Kateray,

    I know exactly what website you mean and I had a terrible experience with them. Not only did they take a huge cut, but the fact they take over a week to pay you on a sporadic faster payments system really irked me. I had so many issues with them I took all my students (this was last September - around 10 students at the time) offline and switched to cash payments. They threatened to charge me a fine for this but it never happened. I now use two of the websites mentioned above and they are much much better.

    Just my opinion of course! But wanted to let you know.
    Kateray1 likes this.
  14. becca3471

    becca3471 New commenter

    Hi Happyregardless - see my reply above re this particular site. I have no problems using other introduction sites which charge one off fees - I've had around 25 'conversions' since last October, along with students I too from the previous site and word off mouth (many of whom I lost after the GCSEs and A Levels this summer but were soon replaced)
  15. gainly

    gainly Established commenter

    25% commission seems very high, the websites langteacher mentions don't charge commission.

    Luckily this year I have more than enough students with continuing students and from word of mouth, but I would certainly never pay commission to a website.

    I think it is more difficult for tutors of primary age children, as there is much more competition from the numerous tuition centres.
  16. Kateray1

    Kateray1 Occasional commenter

    I agree but I’ve only just started. I have adult, primary and secondary students at the moment.

    I’ve seen a slow rise of those in my area, I don’t know how popular they will get as parents don’t seem to want to leave the house, I was working tonight while mum got tea ready!
  17. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    I too have students aged from primary to retirement.. Update your profile on the ones who don't charge commission. Get yourself a Facebook page, plug it on selling sites, resident groups anywhere where it will let you. Get friends to share it for you. I've never paid to advertise and I've never paid commission. I used to travel to most houses but gradually, as I've become busier, I don't give this an option unless it suits me. Get plugging and stop paying commission!
    Happyregardless likes this.
  18. Happyregardless

    Happyregardless Occasional commenter


    but langteacher is also right about it being much better if you can direct market
  19. JaguarWS

    JaguarWS New commenter

    I recommend registering with tutorextra uk and listing your details there. I notice they don't charge commission.
  20. dadaomangran

    dadaomangran New commenter

    Currently looking for online English tutors to work from 18:00 to 21:00 on weekdays and 09:00 to 21:00 on weekends Beijing time. Pre-school children only. Not very sure if this is what you really want

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