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Any been in the same situation ??

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by missjones21, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. missjones21

    missjones21 New commenter

    Due to being unable to secure a teaching job last september (and supply being sporadic), i took on work as a foundation phase assistant. This wasnt ideal, as i took a large pay cut (half my teacher salary (as my local LEA just brought in that support staff only get paid term time only) I've done the job for a year, and havent been fully happy as it's been a rather stressful working relationship with the class teacher (who doesnt have great working relationships with most school staff) anyway they have offered me a permanent contract now, still on the same salary. Which for now i accepted.
    However i have now found out i am expecting (very early days only 5 weeks), and am waiting to hear about another job i applied for (a school i did supply in) which is offering a one year contract initially with the prospect of it becoming permanent. With my pregnancy i am due around feb, so would have to leave end of jan. I would much prefer to be teaching and love the school where this teaching job is. In the 6 months from sept-feb i would earn double what i would as an assistant each month, but then would have no job upon my return after maternity leave. Not sure if i would be entitled to MA? However if i stayed as an assistant i would be on minimal wages, get some maternity (not sure how much) and would have a job to go back to after a year.
    I'm not sure what my entitlements would be with smp/ma, and has anyone been in this situation? Any advice would be appreciated! I just dont know what to do!!
  2. Are you a member of a union? Might be worth giving them a call as they should be able to answer some of these questions for you.
  3. MrsDetermined

    MrsDetermined New commenter

    There are a couple of issues here......
    Firstly- workload, when you go back to work after mat leave you would be able to work a full week and earn the same (ish!) as you would working part time in teaching. BUT you would not have the marking, planning, parents evenings etc. Think carefully here- I would quite like a ta job at the moment, no ten hour days!
    Secondly I THINK if you worked 26 weeks in the new post before leaving on mat leave you would get mat pay but it may not be anything more than the £120 a week. If you aren't entitled to this, you might be entitled to the same amount from the govt as maternity allowance.
    Money isn't everything :)

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