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Any advice please. Unable to teach in new Zealand. Possible career break!

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by cheese_cake, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. cheese_cake

    cheese_cake New commenter

    Hi there,

    I have been exploring the possibility of moving to new Zealand to teach. I was aware that my GTP would be a speed bump for this but now it appears it is a full on road block! I have been teaching for 4 years teaching English(skills shortage in NZ) in a special school (also a shortage). Due to the size of the school I have moved quite quickly through the ranks from NQT, to subject leader, head of faculty and I am now temporary Director of Learning.

    Therefore the other option is to take a career break and go out on a working holiday visa, possibly working as a teachers aide (speaking to nz teachers, SEN experienced ones are hard to find). I am concerned that if/when I return to the UK would I struggle to get back into the profession. I would appreciate any advice as I am desperate to go.

    Kind regards

  2. You only live once. Nothing ventured nothing gained. The days of security are gone in the UK or for that matter in most places too. Just do what your heart is settled on without deliberating and pausing.
  3. wairua

    wairua New commenter

    I really don't understand this - surely a teacher that is prepared to venture into new places and be open to accepting and understanding new approaches in Education is worth more to the profession that those how stay put in one place for so called security?

    If you do go to NZ, do yourself a favour and look at more than just Auckland or the "main centres". Provincial, small town and even rural school communities have a lot to offer, gain from opportunities to experience different life styles and interpretations of the value of education (from family/whanau, students and fellow teachers combined).
  4. cheese_cake

    cheese_cake New commenter

    Thank you both for the advice, I'm very optimistically hoping that if I do spend time as a teachers aide I may be able to wangle my way to sponsorship to bring my qualifications in line with what they are after. There is a track 2 root to just register as a teacher which involves a lot of evidencing without any guaranteed success so I am going to look into that.


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