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Any advice on returning to teaching?

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by CMShipley, May 2, 2018.

  1. CMShipley

    CMShipley New commenter

    I obtained QTS in the summer of 2013 but, due to a lack of life experience, did not feel ready to go into the classroom. I went and did something else for a few years instead. Over the last year or so I’ve thought more and more about how I am not doing what I should be and want to try and get back to teaching but am not sure where to start. I’m planning to contact the local schools to see if I can come in to do some work experience but not sure how to go about getting suitable references now that I’m passed the time limit for doing supply. I wondered if anyone had any tips or suggestions or had made the jump back to teaching
  2. kkimirwin

    kkimirwin New commenter

    I left teaching in 2013 and started with a supply agency in March this year. They were happy to accept me without recent teaching experience and I was lucky to get an 8 week contract within two days of signing up which I can now use as a reference. Out of all the supply agencies I have spoken too (or who have contacted me) there was only one who said I needed recent teaching experience. I am Secondary Maths though, so that might be why. I would suggest contacting some agencies and seeing what they say. Maybe starting off as a cover teacher or a TA to get some experience might be another way to go.
  3. teachagain20153

    teachagain20153 New commenter

    You can google “return to teaching” or “teach again” and look up all the courses that are available. There are some that will give you the experience you need to then get a job as a teacher. Good luck!
  4. vjj58

    vjj58 New commenter

    What subject are you? If you are secondary maths, science or MFL there is loads of support available.

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