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Any advice on job prospects?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Millianni, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Hello all,
    I have been flicking through the forums and reading the TES, and I'm starting to get a sinking feeling about the PGCE course I want to do.
    I've worked very, very hard to get a place and I know this is the career I want. However, I don't think I can afford to train (there's no bursary for primary PGCE now) and take out a loan to cover my costs, then not get a paid teaching post afterwards.

    So I am looking for a little honest advice, what are the job prospects like for Primary NQTs/Teachers?
    At the moment I live in the South-west of England but I would be moving up to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne to train and hopefully find employment afterwards, does anyone out there know what the prospects are like up in Newcastle?

    I've done a quick Google search on primary teaching posts in Newcastle but all that came up were supply adverts, maybe this is the wrong time of year for jobs to be advertised? Or are there very few?

    I've read some heart-breaking posts from people who gave up jobs (as I will) and worked really hard to get on a teaching course, then couldn't find work.
    My heart is telling me to go for it. I've had such positive feedback in my teaching experiences and I know that it's a career I would be so good at given the chance, but I just can't afford to get further in debt with no hope of a job afterwards, so my head is saying to reconsider. There isn't any other job I want to do, but is it better to stay in a job you don't really like to keep food on the table?

    Any thoughts on this matter gratefully received.
  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Haven't a clue about what job prospects are like in Newcastle area, but generally Primary posts are; few & far between, & well over-subscribed with applicants at present, let alone after this year's cohorts qualify.
    Generally Feb - May is the 'job advertising' time, so it's now the best time to start looking.
    You may be better to put off giving up a job to train for something which has no definite job at the end.
    On the other hand, we always need new, enthusiastic recruits to teaching to re-invigorate our schools & who knows you may be the lucky one who does get a job.
    It definitely isn't the same career I came into & I don't know if one can look at it as a 'career for life' anymore. I'd advise anybody considering teaching to give it their best shot, BUT to have a career behind them & a plan to get out after say 10-15 years, having given of their best. There are too many tired teachers who are not operating at their best after all the constant government changes, who feel teaching is less & less about children & more about form-filling, paperwork, unrealistic targets, testing etc. & we all benefit from our younger, newer, more enthusiastic colleagues reminding us of why we came into (& stay with )this job.
  3. Hi, I currently work in the north east. Like anywhere at the moment, I wouldn't say there are loads of jobs about, however there are lots of authorities within quite a small area. There's Newcastle, Gateshead (where I work), Northumberland, Durham, North Shields, South Shields - there might be more! So if you are prepared to travel a little and widen your scope further than 'Newcastle' you might have more luck. I'd suggest that you look on the individual council websites - don't rely on TES - it's v expensive to advertise on there, especially for a class teacher job.

    Good luck, hope that helps
  4. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

  5. Thank you all for the advice, I'm defiantly willing to travel around the North East to get a job, or to relocate if I have too.

    I guess it's impossible for anyone to be certain that they'll get a job at the end of any training, but if I decide to accept the offer then I want to go into the PGCE with my eyes open.

    It's nice to hear from real people what the situation is like, as I've heard conflicting opinions about the teaching job market from "official" sources!

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