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Any advice for Canterbury Christchurch Part-time Primary PGCE interview?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Rosie76, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Hi I had my interview in November at Canterbury for the part-time course and it really wasn't as bad as I thought!
    They were really friendly and there was only about 10 of us at the interview.

    They gave us a talk about the course and we had to do a short maths test and a piece of writing. Then we were put into groups and had to do a 10 minute presentation and then a group interview.

    Good luck. I hope it goes well.
    Rosie x
  2. Thank you Bex. When is your interview?
  3. It was on Monday, it went ok I think!
  4. I'm glad to hear it went well Bex. Good luck with your interview Kelly if you haven't already had it. I got a letter from them today stating that they were currently screening my application and that I should hear fom them shortly. Fingers crossed.
  5. Good stuff, they said they still had places, so fingers crossed for you!
  6. Bex - Did they say when they wil let you know? Are you a mature student? I am 40 and looking for a change of career after 17 years in the civil service and 3 children. My children are pre-school ages which is why I am opting for the part-time course.
    I would be interested to know the profiles of other potential students
  7. I got a letter this morning from the University - Interview in March at Chatham
  8. They sais it would be soon, not sure what that means but not heard yet!! Loads of different people applying, I'm 30 and haven't really had a career path, but am doing part time because it's closer to home and hopefully I'll keep my costs down. There were quite a few Mums there with young children, most people either going part time to juggle the kids, or work or both!!x
  9. I have mine on 10th March, I found out yesterday. Im scared but a friend of mine who is currently on the course said her interview went fine. What do people wear to the interview? Im really rubbish at talking to people I dont know so I would be really interested to know if anyone else has an interview on the 10th March so I know someone before I get there!!!
  10. Nikki - my interview is also on the 10th March, at Chatham. I am going to dress fairly smartly - either trousers and a top or a suit. Do you live locally? I iive in Dover so it will be an hours train journey to Chatham and then from the station to the campus. Canterbury would have been much easier - just 15 minutes up the road!
  11. I live in Whitstable so still quite a trek for me but I will be driving so not so bad. I was quite surprised to see it was at Chatham, I thought it would have been Canterbury or at the most Broadstairs. What campus have you applied to train at? I chose Broadstairs as it is the closest for me. I think I am going to wear trousers and a smart top - someone told me to wear something that shows a bit about you so I might go for a colourful neck scarf or something. Im rubbish at group interviews so I hope I dont fail on confidence (i'm hoping my confidence will improve in time for actually being a teacher!!!)
    It's nice to know someone else in my position, thanks for letting me know im not on my own :)
    Nikki x
  12. Nikki - Like you I have applied to go to train at the boadstairs campus. I have never done I group interview so I am feeling a bit aprehensive about that too. Have you ever been to the Chatham Campus? I am worried about getting lost or arriving late. I have no idea how much time to allow to get from the train station. I could drive there instead but don't know where I am going or how easy parking will be. Have you any idea?
    Helen x
  13. Hi Helen,
    I am doing a trial run in the car to see where it is as I have never been there!!! Im rubbish with directions and i just know i will be late if I dont do a trial run.
    My friend is on the course that started last April and she is the youngest on the course. As I'm only 23 I am worried I wont have as much subject knowledge and will appear less confident than other interviewees who are older than me! I have been swotting up on my knowledge in the hope that it helps! I also dont have the advantage of having children either so hopefully that wont be a problem!
    I'm really nervous as I really want this!!!
    Nikki x
  14. Hi Nikki and Helen,
    I have my interview on the 10th March in Chatham too and I will be travelling from Dover so will see you both there. I am 22 so don't worry Nikki you won't be the only nervous young one!
  15. Tasha - how are you travelling to Chatham? I can't decide whether to drive or go by train. If you are are traveeling by train what time train are you going to catch? I thought the 7:08 from Kearsney would give me plenty of time. The next one is the 7:39 which arrives at Chatham at 8:49 and I am not sure how far it is from the station or where I am going. I think I would just stress myself out travelling on the later train, worrying about being late!
    Nikki - How is the swatting going?
    Do you both have work experience in a primary school? I only started mine last week - I am doing 2 days a week so my experience is going to be more limited than I would like.
  16. I was thinking I might drive, only because of the hassle of having to get from the station in chatham to the university as i'm not sure how close they are to eachother? I would definately get the early one if I was getting the train - as you say just for that peace of mind youve got some extra time to relax before the day starts rather than rushing around.
    I volunteered in september - december in two primary schools, and i'm working in a secondary school now full time as this is paid ta work- this has definately confirmed I want to teach primary!ha ha.
    I'm sure your experience will be fine - just make sure you get as much out of it as possible. I have a primary GTP interview this wednesday so I am fretting about that interview but once thats done i'm sure I will be panicking for this one just as much! Interviews are never too enjoyable are they!
  17. Hi Tasha, Nice to know someone else on the interview, especially someone the same age as me phew :) I wanted to apply for the GTP but I didnt think I stood a chance of getting on it because I dont work in a school, I work with foster children. Good luck for it!!
    Helen, the swatting has taken a massive downturn recently but I am going to get back on it this weekend as the dreaded interview day is fast approaching! Next thing to panic about is what to wear to the interview!!!
    You two will know who I am in the interview, I'm the one that looks like im going to pass out with nerves haha!!
  18. Well totally gutting news for me. I have had to pull out of the interview. Doing the course was dependant on me getting voluntary redundncy at work and they would not let me go. They had 400+ applications and only gave it to 120 and I was not one of the lucky ones :(.
    I haven't given up on a career in teaching, instead I have put it on hold until my children are at school. I will then look at doing a GTP.
    Good luck to you all with your interviews and teaching careers.
    Helen x

  19. Hi Rosie,
    I have just been reading the thread and was wondering what you had to do your presentation on and what did it entail? Reeeal nervous about the interview :) xx
  20. Oh Helen thats such a shame that you cant do the course anymore, good luck with the GTP though!

    emcd111 when is your interview? Is it this Thursday? I have mine then, have been really nervous about it as I want to get on the course so badly. I have done loads of preparation but feel so unprepared still it is horrible!! I'm hoping it isnt as bad as I have made it out to be in my head - from the sounds of things it's ok if you dont freak out and get ridiculously nervous (like me!).

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