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Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by westcountrygirl, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. I'm off school today with extreme anxiety and a constant panicked feeling. My doctor has prescribed diazepam but it isn't really making me feel much better. My chest is tight and painful, i'm out of breath and feel like I'm struggling to breathe. I'm normally a very calm and confident person so feeling like this is making me feel alarmed and at the moment I don't see how this feeling is ever going to get better.
    I don't feel like I'd be able to cope with going into school for the rest of the week, maybe not even before the end of the term. Just walking to the shops to buy some lunch today was a struggle. My doctor has offered to sign me off sick for the rest of term if necessary.
    How is my school likely to react if I am off sick with anxiety? Will all of the other teachers in my department find out the reason why I am absent? Will I be at risk of losing my job? The anxiety isn't related to school so I'm worried that people will think I can't cope with doing my job when in fact that isn't the problem.
  2. chuk

    chuk New commenter

    Talk to your line manager. Talk to your doctor. Otherwise it will get worse.
    Take care.
  3. anteater

    anteater New commenter

    That makes it sound as if you do know where the problem might lie. Can anything be done to address the root cause of the anxiety? If not, will your doctor perhaps sign you up for some CBT to help you cope with the anxiety?
    Take heart from the many people on these boards who have suffered from panic and anxiety attacks and lived to tell the tale.
    This website is quite useful: http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/index.php?s=0955bb1bc915e72b405bd6a14c678f9b

    Good luck.
  4. Hi Westcountrygirl...Sorry you are feeling like that and can sympathise as I'm in the same boat but am stressing even more as I've had a few absences this year. My doctor has signed me off till next week. The only person in your school who should know about WHY you are off is who you choose to tell and who they choose to tell but, the person who arranges cover and the Headteacher should be the only ones to know, so you do not have to tell anyone else. If other people find out, then that is a breach of confidentiality.
    I don't know how long you've been teaching but I think you are worrying unduly about being off. If your doctor has signed you off, then no-one can argue that you are not fit to be in. What person would risk their career, ultimately, by arriving at work to have 200 kids in your care over a day that you don't feel up to dealing with. You are making a responsible decision by being off.
    If diazepam isn't working - maybe they need to give you a stronger dosage...whatever your anxiety is due to, that is your business...no-one elses.
    To put your mind at rest - give your union a call and phone the Teacher's Counselling Service. I've phoned them numerous times.
    All teachers know how stressful the job is - especially on top of other problems. Just make sure you email in your cover work - the rest should be taken care off and you need to look after yourself.
    Hope this helps and you start to feel better. :)
  5. just a note x

    the no more panic site that was recommended. a lot of people leave worse than they joined. or leave to avoid getting worse. the admin aren't there to improve things for others..they often drag members down. if some of the replies you get dont seem that helpful..its not just you who thought that
  6. This sounds a bit more than anxiety. I was diagnosed with high anxiety and from what I've gone through, this sounds more like a panic attacks. I think you'll find if and when people do find out you'll get nothing but sympathy and I expect many people will say "oh yeah, I've gone through that".
    Do it. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression in January and in March was signed off sick. Best decision I made. Clearly you need it otherwise your doctor wouldn't have suggested it.
    You cannot be sacked for being signed off sick, that's called discrimination and it's against the law. Most of your anxiety seems to be coming from worrying about how the school will react. Generally what you are imagining in your head is nowhere near as bad as what will happen, so before you drive yourself mad, tell them and start getting the help you need and the recovery you deserve.

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