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Anxiety diagnosis

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by AlH2407, Jun 9, 2020.

  1. AlH2407

    AlH2407 New commenter

    I’m currently in the process of applying to start a Primary/Primary with SEN SCITT in September, I have sent my application in and I’m just waiting for my references to finalise.
    I have a recent history of anxiety and I am current on leave from my current job working in a mental health unit with work related stress and anxiety due to workplace conflict (not due to my role specifically or service users). Prior to this I suffered with PND after the traumatic birth of my son but was fully recovered and have worked in other jobs and finished my degree with no relapsing, I am usually very resilient to this kind of thing up until this role, the work place is really hostile and a few others have either left or suffered with work place stress and anxiety too.
    Basically, I am wondering if my recent history of anxiety will prevent me getting a place? Out of the negative work place I am absolutely fine and I have now decided to hand my notice in to my current role regardless on whether I get a place on the course as I have realised I am much better out of there and feel much better. But I am worried that a recent anxiety diagnosis and recent sickness will prevent me getting my desired job as a Primary school teacher.
  2. JJ83

    JJ83 New commenter

    I am not 100% sure but you should not have to declare it - I would wait and see how your condition is whilst doing training before you worry about anything else too far into the future - Like you say it could just be your curent workplace that is making it worse and elsewhere you may feel a lot better
    Having said all that, if you find yourself struggling tell someone
  3. inkymark

    inkymark New commenter

    From memory, when I applied for a SCITT course, I had to complete a health-check form that asked various questions and I think one of them was about the amount of sick leave I had in the last 12 months. However, I can't remember if there was anything specifically on mental health but most places are very aware of mental health issues and, I would hope, would not rule out an application purely on this basis. I would say that, and I am sure that you are aware of this, after having spent the last 9 months doing a SCITT course, it has been very stressful and I would just say watch yourself and remember to ask for assistance/talk to people as you go along (if you need to). It has also been an amazing experience and I am excited for the future but the first few months were quite dark as I transitioned from a 'corporate view' (where I cam from) to an 'educational view' of the world. I wish you lots of luck with your application!!! :)
  4. kittykat94

    kittykat94 New commenter

    I had the same concern when applying for my PGCE. I have a history of depression and anxiety for which I'm still on medication for. If you answer the health check form truthfully you will get a call back from a nurse who will discuss with you any issues you currently have and ensure you're able to complete the course safely. They may make a recommendation to your provider for any extra support you may need.

    Honestly I find working in school, teaching and helping pupils massively beneficial to my mental health even when it gets stressful. I hope this helps put your mind at ease, feel free to message me if you wanna talk. xx
  5. Lakes1975

    Lakes1975 New commenter

    Join a union, look at their website for lots of good resources and advice. Please don't take this the wrong way but this is an extremely demanding and high pressure job at all times. Often it's simply unforgiving. Be sure this is the right career choice for you.
  6. musicteacher2018

    musicteacher2018 New commenter

    Definitely let them know, they legally can't discriminate against you for it. When I applied for my PGCE, my NQT role and my RQT role, I told them when I applied that I have anxiety and depression. It's important, if you can, to be upfront with them, because then they can support you better. For me during my PGCE, it meant I had extra support at uni (which also led to me being diagnosed with dyslexia) and I had a very supportive mentor at school. I struggled with my anxiety during my PGCE and my NQT at times, but by being upfront, the schools and uni were much more understanding.

    If you tell them, you will probably have a call from occupational health, but this is not a negative. It is for them to see how best they can help you! Good luck!

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