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Antisocial Behaviour

Discussion in 'Personal' started by impulce, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Whats the worst ASBOesque behaviour you've seen on your road?
    We bought our house a couple of months ago and it has been relatively calm and quiet but I have just witnessed my first bit of antisocial behaviour from a bunch of yoofs!
    They were scratting around in across the roads garden having obviously lost something so I turned the bedroom light off to reduce backlight and spied on them for a bit through the blinds. It reached a crescendo when homeowner came out and asked them what on earth they were doing in his garden. They replied they had "lost a paand innit and I need it fu me bus fair". Homeowner politely asked them to sling their hook. One yoof started doing that 'walk' towards homeowner, waving his arms about a bit like a orangutan and mouthing off. Another yoof told him to "Calm down" and walked him off positive-handling-stylee down the road. I had mobile in hand ready to ring the coppers, but alas the drama was done.
  2. Been there, made the call

    Couples on the way home from a local hostelry frequently find they hate each other just as they reach the outside of our house [​IMG]

    Worst ... man in car driving at woman (repeatedly) whilst screaming at her to get in said car ... woman hysterical but wanting to sit on our wall screaming at him about how he abuses her rather than anything else

    Police took them both away
  3. The guy upstairs playing music at all hours and hurling abuse at anyone who asked him to stop. This went on for 6 months. We told the land lord, they wouldn't do anything, but in the end they were left with huge amounts of damage and lots of unpaid bills. Ha ha!
  4. I am thankfully free of adults behaving badly in my little backwater. I am well away from main roads. However, there are people not far away who allow their dogs to bark and bark and bark, and that is disturbing. One dog starts and others, in their gardens presumably, join in. When this goes on for half an hour or more I want to round up the antisocial owners and bang their heads together. if only I knew where they lived. When lots of dogs are barking it's difficult to pin-point where the noise is coming from.
    I'd hate it if there was antisocial behaviour right outside my house. Much sympathy to those having to put up with it.
  5. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    A Y7 herding cattle past the house with a landrover is probably wrong but not especially antisocial. He did wave and shout 'hello miss' to the Mrs. I had to have a word with his dad. We really don't want to report something so daft but ignoring it is tricky.
  6. cinnamonsquare

    cinnamonsquare Occasional commenter

    I don't live in the nicest part of town, but the "yoofs" who hang around outside the little parade of shops opposite my flat aren't really all that bad. I feel a bit sorry for them because when I was a teenager there was at least a local park to hang around in - all they have is a set of railings and the PCSO to keep them company!
    The real anti-social behaviour came from the people who were p***ing and sh***ing in the communal bin area for my block of flats. We suspected yoofs at first, even one of the residents in the flats. But no, it was the binmen behaving in this charming way.
  7. It isn't - as I said, they could have at least rung the doorbell.
    But like you say - it may have not been a pound coin they were really looking for. Have you checked as to whether you neighbour has been back to have a looky see what they were hunting for? [​IMG]

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