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Antiques of the future?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by zannar, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. zannar

    zannar New commenter

    I have had bouts of decluttering and try to recycle as much as possible. However, after watching the antiques road show, I am now wondering if I am depriving future generations of some useful cash. Many items I have seen have been mass produced but because they have been stored, and not thrown away when a more modern version has reared its head, they have been worth quite a bit. I have massed produced items bruised and battered which I know are not worth keeping but I also have stuff in original wrappers and unused. What to do?
  2. Lascarina

    Lascarina Star commenter

    Get rid of it. It is just cluttering up your life.
    lindenlea and ninenotes like this.
  3. zannar

    zannar New commenter

    What about my Yellow brick road LP limited edition in yellow vinyl?
  4. Lascarina

    Lascarina Star commenter

    Make a flower pot with it.
  5. zannar

    zannar New commenter

    I think we may have to agree to disagree :)
  6. Lascarina

    Lascarina Star commenter

    It's your stuff. Do what you like with it. :rolleyes:
  7. Spiritwalkerness

    Spiritwalkerness Star commenter

    There's one on Ebay as we speak at a buy it now price of £25 - it's not going to make you rich
  8. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

    I used to have lots of Star Wars and Transformers toys... long long time ago... they'd probably be worth ... squat!... out of the packaging...

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