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Anti -Bullying Week - Ideas????

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by GoldenLucy, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. GoldenLucy

    GoldenLucy New commenter

    Well it is that time of year again and Anti-Bullying week is only a few weeks away (16th - 20th November.) The theme is 'Make a Noise for Bullying'.

    I often find it tricky to think of new and exciting ideas when we have been doing anti-bullying week a while. I was thinking we could have a non-uniform day where they dress up as famous pop stars/musicians. We could collect a range of songs which focus on bullying and look at the lyrics. They could create their own anti-bullying songs by using tunes of other songs or nursery rhymes. The only thing with this is that it is similar to some raps we did 2 years ago. Some kids love this kind of thing and others find it really tricky and hard to perform.

    Has anyone got any great ideas or things you have done? Do you know of any good anti bullying songs? I thought I might buy the Anti-bullying pack from TES as it is on sale at the mo.

    Any ideas gratefully received!!!
  2. Sir Cumference

    Sir Cumference Occasional commenter

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