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Anti Bullying week ideas for whole school for confussed new coordinator!

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by nat83kitten, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. Can anyone help with some creative easy to manage ideas for Anti bullying week I can suggest to staff? I was hoping to do some sort of whole school project and have looked at the website but actually nothing is jumping out to be easily planned or inspiring to be honest. I have never been asked to run the week before as a new coordinator and would appreciate it if anyone could help with what I should be asking teachers to do in their classes.
    Many Thanks

  2. We have a local martial arts school that offer children's sessions around anti-bullying and self-discipline. Maybe contact your local martial arts schools to see if they offer something similar.
    This year we are using the SEAL materials to be taught through PSHE lessons and in assemblies.
    What about antibullying posters where each year group concentrates on a different aspect of bullying - e.g. y6 cyber bullying?
    You could do lots of drama based around this also.
    Why not contacting your local healthy school team in the LA to see what they can offer.
  3. Are you primary? I work in an infant school, and arrange to take all assemblies during anti-bullying week, and as part of each assembly give each year group work to discuss further during the day, and present in the next days assembly. All based on the SEAL materials. We examine what bullying is (and isn't) and what we should do about it.
    The advantages of taking over assemblies is that it gives it a high whole school profile, and ensures all classes cover the material as they need to present something (eg their classes definition of bullying) the next day. I'll be doing this for the third year this year, and quite enjoy it!
  4. Does anyone have any ideas of how to include anti bullying in a literacy week with a finished product to show parents on the friday? I teach year 1
  5. SparkyTeaching

    SparkyTeaching New commenter

    I'm not sure if it would be helpful, but I've tried to come up with a different way of looking at things in my blog: http://www.sparkyteaching.com/creative/teaching/schools-axe-bullying-jobs/
    The idea of assertive children putting bullies out of work would definitely spark some enthusiasm and is a little bit different than the usual sorts of activities these packs provide... From the initial idea, older KS2 children could their own reports on the anti-bullying revolution going on in schools, others could place simple newspaper ads... (as here: http://www.sparkyteaching.com/resources/motivational/yesterdaysnews.php although it does cost, I'm afraid)

  6. Heres a new dvd just released for primary school children which helps tackle bullying.
    It's something i've recently completed so may be worth checking out.
    view it here....
    Let me know what you think of it please.
    Johnny [​IMG]
  7. There is a free seminar available to primary & secondary schools and other organisations on practical awareness-raising and engaging Top Tips - which can be oriented to anti-bullying/anger management and assertiveness as required and tweaked to suit any specific messages your school/organisation has. See the MAX Conflict Management website: http://www.maxconflictmanagement.com/anti-bullying-week-ideas or http://www.maxconflictmanagement.com/free-tips-tasters for cross curricular modern foreign language ideas: http://www.maxconflictmanagement.com/video-showcase/short-video-pshe-seal-cross-curricular-languages
    (Please note there may be a charge to cover diesel costs if MAX are not working in the area)
  8. Sir Cumference

    Sir Cumference Occasional commenter

    My anti-bullying song is proving to be very popular. Perhaps you might click on the link and listen to it? http://www.onemoretime.biz/aboutletmebeme.php
    As a Primary headteacher I often have to deal with incidents of bullying. I feel that, as a musician I can help others my making my approach available. I have included suggestions for teaching children about the issues through learning a song that has strong anti-bullying messages. The song is called "Let Me Be Me".
    I hope you find it to be useful and appropriate.
  9. JosieWhitehead

    JosieWhitehead Star commenter

    I have written four excellent poems for anti-bullying week which any of you are welcome to use. You can find the four of them by going to my website by Googling JOSIE'S POEMS and going to my main poetry index. The poems are:

    Those Who Can't Do, Bully Others - because I have found from experience that many bullies are often underachievers who are jealous of others and their main aim in life is to pull them down and make them unhappy.

    The second poem is a little more forceful and the title is: "Constraining Human Hounds" because I rather think that bullies like to bring in others to work with them or for them, in order to hunt down their victim. This reminds me of hound-like behaviour. However, I do give advice to the victims of what they should do in order to constrain these hounds.

    The third poem: The Slow Train to Mediocrity: All too often we humans feel "comfortable" when we follow others. We don't like to stand out from the crowd. Teenagers, in particular, feel happy taking this path. And yet, I tell them that they should dare to be different because they have talents unique to themselves that need to be nurtured and grown. I say:
    If you?re unhappy with life, then quickly change course
    And don?t end your days with a lifetime?s remorse.
      Take a look at yourself. Be different. Yes, dare!
      Don?t take the slow train to I think you know where.

    You may know the poem by Rudyard Kipling: "If". Well, using the same rhythm as this poem I tell children that if they can over-ride the anger that comes from the taunts and scorn of others, who are just getting their fun at someone else's expense:

    "If you can shut the door on these things firmly
      There's happiness that goes beyond belief."

    I am an expert on giving advice on bullying because I was bullied when I started school and the bullies enjoyed seeing me being caned at the age of 7 for something I never did, but I have again met bullying since I've been retired. Oh yes, it goes on. It was when I became successful as a poet who used rhyme and rhythm that it started in a adult writing group. I stood out because I brought back a way of writing that was popular in my childhood and which has gone out of fashion. I write like this because children like it (so they told me) and also because it helps them develop phonological awareness, a key literacy tool. However, for older children and adults I write in a variety of ways.

    I hope these poems will be good as a centre-point for discussion for Anti-Bullying week. Quite often when you can get children to perform poems, and talk about them, then it is easier than putting your own view over. You are using the words of a third person in the classroom. Often effective. I've been a teacher all my life.
  10. Here is an idea for a whole school project that can be incorporated in school over a week and with curriculum ideas for ALL lessons.
    This video tells you more:
    The Scary Guy can work with ALL age groups from pre-school to high school, as well as further ed, staff and even parents.


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