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Anti- Bullying Assembly

Discussion in 'Primary' started by oxfordblue, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. oxfordblue

    oxfordblue New commenter

    My class are going to be doing an assembly next week about bullying. I was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of some stories from the bible, or bible quotes about bullying.

    Any ideas?
  2. oxfordblue

    oxfordblue New commenter

    On a more general note is anyone doing anything special for anti bullying week next week?

    Apparently the theme for this year's anti bullying week is 'being different, belonging together'. Does anyone have any suggestions about using the theme with children? I was thinking about using a rainbow - you know all the different colours but is best when all colours are there - as we ahve a class motto about rainbows. I'm struggling to come up with original ideas. So far I have....

    Making a leaflet about bullying

    Making a short play to show bullying and how it gets solved (maybe filming these or taking photos and using powerpoint to tell the story.)

    My class (Year 5) will be doing an assembly on Friday morning about anti bullying week (with some time to show other things we've been doing in class recently)
  3. My class (year 3/4) are also doing a class assembly next Friday and trying to use anti-bullying theme. I haven't got far, was hoping to have something written by now! I like the idea of a rainbow - I've also seen a wall idea with each child decorating their own brick which are then put together to make one complete wall. As far as I know we are not doing anything as a whole school which seems a shame but I suppose gives me more scope with my class! Just not sure where I'm going with it at the moment, any more ideas you can share would be great and I'll try to return the favour!

    Thanks and good luck,


  4. oxfordblue

    oxfordblue New commenter

    That's a nice idea about making a brick wall. I was also thinking, instead of the rainbow theme, perhaps a jigsaw theme - making a picture of the class or something like that.

    I wanted to have an outline for the assembly done by now, but haven't really got anything yet.

    I might do some art work around the colours of our feelings - maybe give the children a situation and ask them to paint the colour their feelings would be in the situation.

    Any more bright ideas?!
  5. I wanted to use a poem as a stimulus for discussion too and thought it could be something they could then recite in the assembly - have got one in mind but I've got to hunt for it. I know I have it in one of my poetry books - just a question of looking in the right place! The sort of week I've got I think there's going to be limited time for class art work but I love the idea of colours for feelings.
  6. oxfordblue

    oxfordblue New commenter

    If you find a good poem to use would you mind sharing what it is?! Someone has recommended one on another Anti- Bullying thread but I'm not sure it would work with my class.

    Fortunately I should be able to used quite a few afternoons this week to try and get some stuff done for the assembly and anti-bullying week in general.

    Hmm, maybe a jigsaw of different colours and feelings....
  7. I found a few poems on the web, particularly like the beat bullying poem below that I found on a police website(!) but not sure who wrote it -there was also a video of different people saying each line. I thought that could be an idea for assembly. What do you think?

    I am the person you bullied at school,

    I am the person who didn?t know how to be cool.

    I?m the person that you alienated,

    I?m the person you ridiculed and hated.

    I am the person, who sat on her own,

    I am the person who walked home alone.

    I am the person you scared every day,

    I am the person who had nothing to say.

    I am the person with hurt in his eyes,

    I am the person you never saw cry.

    I am the person living alone with his fears,

    I am the person destroyed by his peers.

    I am the person, who drowned in your scorn,

    I am the person who wished she hadn?t been born.

    I am the person you destroyed for fun,

    I am the person, but not the only one.

    I?m the person whose name you didn?t know,

    I?m the person who just can?t let go.

    I?m the person, who has feelings to,

    I am the person, just like you.

    Make a stand. Wear a band
  8. oxfordblue

    oxfordblue New commenter

    I like that, simple but effective!

    Would you be able to post the link to the website you found it on?

    Also, do you ahve anti bullying bands or something? Or are you going to not use that line of the poem. Actually, the children could make anti bullying bands...

    I'm begining to form some ideas together now...

    start with what is bullying - chn to give a definitition

    then chn bring either piece of a rainbow, or jigsaw piece or brick for a wall (whichever I decide on!) perhaps saying a line from the poem as they build the rainbow, jigsaw or wall

    Then show leaflets made in ICT about stopping bullying

    and that's all I've got so far!
  9. EBD35

    EBD35 Occasional commenter

    This is a fab video....

  10. Had to giggle when I read your thoughts on this line of the poem as they were almost identical to mine! The link is:


    I thought we might have some 'big bully' figure of some sort that the kids could direct the poem to, make the point that the bully could be anyone who makes someone feel that way and maybe at the end of the assembly all children say 'NO' to the bully and it fall over or something like that! Still at the ideas stage! This chat is really helping getting ideas flowing! Thank you.
  11. EBD35

    EBD35 Occasional commenter

    There's also this which I've done in the past

    Ask for volunteers to explain what a put-down is and share a few examples. (Put-downs are
    ways that we make someone feel bad about themselves?either with words?name-calling
    and teasing?or with actions, like excluding someone.) Do not write these examples of putdowns
    on the board as that might reinforce them.
    ? Tape the large paper heart to your chest and ask children to respond to the following story,
    ?The Torn Heart.? Each time they hear a put-down they are to give a thumbs-down. For
    each thumbs-down you will dramatically rip a piece off the heart on your chest and drop it
    to the ground.

    The Torn Heart
    One Tuesday morning, when the alarm clock rang, Peter did not get out of bed. Ten
    minutes later, his mother opened the door to his room. ?Come on,? she said. ?You?ll be late
    for school again. You?re a lazy kid.? (RIP)
    ?But, Mama, I?m sick,? Peter said.
    ?Why do you always act like a baby?? (RIP) Peter?s mother said. ?You?re always sick on PE
    day. Just get up and get ready. Your brother?s already dressed.? (RIP)
    Peterquickly put on his clothes and went to the kitchen to get something to eat. His older
    brother, Carlos, had just finished. ?I?m leaving, Mama,? Carlos said.
    ?You wait for Peter,? their mother said.
    ?That loser (RIP) is always late,? Carlos said. ?I don?t want to miss the bus.?
    The boys made it to the bus just in time, with Peter following behind his older brother. But
    as the doors of the bus closed and it started rolling, Pedro remembered he had left his
    homework in his bedroom.
    Peter asked the bus driver if he would wait while he went back to get his homework. ?What
    are you, kid, a *****? (RIP) This isn?t a taxi. Anyway, that?s what you get for being late.?
    When Peter got to school, he told his teacher that he had left his homework at home. She
    said, ?That?s the fourth time this month, Peter. Have you really been doing your work? I?m
    beginning to think you?re lying. (RIP) I?m afraid I?m going to have to talk to your parents
    about this.?
    Peter liked to play sports, but he hated PE lesson, where he was the smallest of all the boys.
    That day at PE, they were supposed to play basketball, which was Peter?s very worst sport of
    all. The teacher asked the kids to divide themselves into two teams, the Lions and the Tigers.
    Within a few minutes, there were ten boys on each team, with only Peterleft. (RIP)
    The captain of the Lions team said: ?We don?t want him?he?s no good.? (RIP)
    ?He?s no Tiger. He?s more like a scaredy cat,? (RIP) said the captain of the Tigers. And the
    other boys laughed. (RIP)
    Finally the teacher assigned Peter to a team, the Lions. But he sat on the bench for the whole
    time because the captain never put him in the game. (RIP)
    That day after school, Peter?s brother, Carlos, was playing football with his friends in the field
    near their house. Peter was much better at football than at basketball. Football was his favorite sport. So Peter asked Carlos if he could play, too. ?No way,? Carlos said. ?You?d ruin the game.? (RIP)
    Their mother heard this and said: ?You should let your brother play with you, Carlos.?
    ?But, Mama, he?s too slow,? (RIP) Carlos said. ?And he always gets in the way.? (RIP)

    You then ask: How do you think Peter is feeling right now? Why is he feeling that way? What might be the effect on him of being treated this way day after day?
    ? Ask for some put-ups for Peter . (What are some things you could say to him, or do for him, to make him feel better?) Ask the class to give the put-ups a thumbs-up!
    Ask: How do you think Peter would feel now, after hearing all of these put-ups?

  12. Thanks EBD - love the video and the torn heart idea, its so visual and would really connect with my class. I now feel I've got lots of ideas to work with and some basics for the assembly - I should be able to cope now but what a hectic week I'm going to have!
  13. oxfordblue

    oxfordblue New commenter

    Thanks for the link to that youtube video, not sure I'll use it with my class. I'm not sure if they are mature enough to be honest.

    I like the idea of having a big bully figure. I was thinking of adding in a section about why people bully, not sure how or what but think it should be mentioned.

    Think we might make anti bullying bands actually- if we have time!

    Yep, this chat is really helping me sort out my ideas too! Thank you :)
  14. I've downloaded the song from itunes and may use it as coming in/going out music.

    I think I'm going to see if I have time for children to come up with their own class slogan to go on the bands.

    Another poem I found covers a bit about why people bully:
    There?s a girl at school
    we teased today;
    made jokes, called her names.
    My friends all laughed,
    called it harmless fun,
    said it was just a game.</font>Now I?m at home
    feeling horrid inside,
    long gone that thoughtless grin.
    How will I face her
    tomorrow at school?
    I wish I hadn?t joined in.</font>
    It could be used to prompt children to think of times when they have joined in or started bullying, not sure if I'll use it yet.
  15. Oops! Poem doesn't seem to have kept to its lines properly between me sending it and it appearing on tes! The poem begins 'There's a girl at school' and the second verse starts with the line 'Now I'm at home'.
  16. oxfordblue

    oxfordblue New commenter

    I like that poem, think I might use it with my class. I know what you mean about having a hectic week though!

    I hope it all goes well, keep in touch during the week and we can compare notes on how it all goes! :)

  17. I will do, hope it all goes well for you, too! :)
  18. Tidally

    Tidally New commenter

    Does anyone know where I can find a clip or a friendly song in relation to anti bullyingweek? I was thinking of an animation or something for KS1. Any ideas? How shall I start my assembly?
  19. Tidally

    Tidally New commenter

    anyone? any ideas???
  20. Was in a school today and Expresso (if you have that in your school) has a fairly large section for anti-bullying week if that's any use to anyone.

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