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Antenatal appointment and ppa time

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by hollyk22, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. hollyk22

    hollyk22 New commenter

    I am pregnant and I have SPD/PGP. I went to my midwife and she advised aquanatal to reduce my hip pain and to reduce my pain in the long run. This is during the school day. There are no other sessions in the local area. She said her recommendation turns it into antenatal care as it will reduce my pain in the long run.
    I spoke to my head and they want to move my PPA to that day so I can go during my PPA time. I don't want to cause problems but I also don't want to cause myself further pain by not going and risking going off sick long term. I also don't want to stress myself by running off reduced ppa time as I also suffer with depression. Should I ask for the aquanatal time and ppa or just accept what they have offered and be grateful.
  2. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    Perhaps you should ask to revisit your pregnancy risk assessment, and use that to ask whether some extra PPA time can be found for you at another point in the week. Swapping your regular PPA slot might be the easiest way to make sure they can cover your class for your aquanatal session with some consistency, but maybe a way can be found to give you a bit of respite elsewhere in the week.
  3. chocolatelover

    chocolatelover New commenter

    My understanding is they can't expect you to go to antenatal during your ppa (or as part of your ppa). But going to your appointment/aquanatal will reduce tour teaching time and therefore reduce your ppa entitlement so they could give you less ppa. Check with your Union and/hr department.

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