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Antarctic Adventures

Discussion in 'Primary' started by HC1727, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Yes I just did this.
  2. I have the opposite problem - could anyone please email me a copy of the pupil work book for Antartic Adventures. I can only find a locked document online and unable to print if off. Would be really grateful if anyone can help with this.
  3. I have the opposite problem! Could anyone help me with a copy of the pupil answer book for Antarctic Adventures. I have the reading booklet but no answer paper for this. Would be so grateful if anyone could help. I can find a copy online but it is a locked document which won't print. Thanks in advance.
  4. HI I am looking for the opposite issue I have a copy of the pupil work booklet but not the reading booklet? Do you know where I can get it from? Thank x
  5. Hi,
    I have the QCA Antarcic students reading booklet for year4 and marking scheme but can't seem to find the reding passage. Can anyone help me please?

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