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Answering different types of reading comp questions...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tiffster, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. tiffster

    tiffster New commenter

    Hi all,
    Over half term I shared a Powerpoint with a number of posters about different types of reading comprehension question, these being:
    Retrieval - look for and find the answer (usually "tick and circle" or single word answers)
    Inference - finding clues in the text (answers might start with "Because it says....")
    Effect on the reader - describe why the author has chosen particular words or layout (answers might start with "To make you think/To show you...")
    Opinion - where you have to consider your views and refer to the text in backing up your answer (answers should follow a format along the lines of "I think...... because it says......")
    This week I went through this with my class and they put a very Talk For Writing spin on things by inventing an action for each type of question! I thought I would share this as we have found it very useful this week: the kids can "show me" the type of question they think it is, and the actions are helping to reinforce what each type of question wants them to do. Makes the lesson a bit more lively too!
    For retrieval, you reach up and pull down. You are the "fetcher" of the answer.
    For inference, you hold an imaginary magnifying glass and peer into it. You are the "detective" looking for clues.
    For effect on the reader, you mime operating a puppet. You are looking at the author as the "puppeteer" - what are they trying to get the reader to do, and how are they doing it?
    For opinion, you stroke your chin and look thoughtful (and in the case of my class, make weird humming noises!) You are the "philosopher", considering all the evidence and deciding what you think.
    Humour me! This worked for us!
  2. That sounds great - have been struggling to think of ways to make reading revision more interesting, especially as due ofsted monitoring visit soon with a very opinionated class, - we'll give this a try!
  3. I like this - have used clipart images in the past.
    I'm currently creating Powerpoints focussing on different questioning techniques. When completed will post.
    Have got a few question related to Text structure and organisational features that i've pulled from previous SATS if anyone wants them.

  4. Hi I would love a copy of the questions - have hopefully sent you a message with my email address.
  5. stuffedcrust

    stuffedcrust New commenter

    Yes please Michellie! I need all the help I can get this year! resources@jembo.me.uk
  6. Oh yes please. I usually teach yr 6 and am on mat leave at moment, am going in to do some reading comp booster lessons with some groups of kids and would love any ideas for 'quick' activities rather than just trawling through paper after paper.
  7. Check yr mail everyone. [​IMG]
  8. Hi guys - just emailed you a PPoint on AF5 questions from 2003 onwards ( with markschemes of course) - hopefully this might save some part of yr Sunday.
    Check yr emails and enjoy the weekend
  9. green_ink

    green_ink New commenter

    Thank you for these ideas they are great, I tried a reading comprehension today and could have cried at the results, so these ideas will really help with a grumbly low ability 'why am I writing at all?' kind of group.

  10. deeley

    deeley New commenter

    am really interested by this thread, as have been exploring with my level 4 year 5's to try and shirft them forwards....could i please ask for a copy too?
    you're very kind to share. Loving the actions in post 1 too, will try that next week and see how it goes! many thanks all
  11. teachers-pet

    teachers-pet New commenter


    I am a Year 6 teacher currently going through past papers with my class. This sounds really interesting and would cheer up our guided reading sessions.

    Could I have a copy please?


    Thank you
  12. Please may I have a copy of the powerpoint?


  13. Michellie,
    Is it still possible to get a copy of the pp? It sounds really useful! Thanks
  14. Hi, if its not too late can I also get a copy please.
    Many Thanks

  15. Check yr emails everyone.
    Deely - did you want my stuff or the action PowerPoints?
    You can have my stuff but don't think your Y6 teacher would be happy as its all the Past Papers she'll be working from at present. Let me know.
  16. Love it - what a fabulous idea!

  17. I would really appreciate a copy of your Powerpoints too, if it's not too late.
    Thanks in advance.


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