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Another writing level thread.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by clawthorpegirl, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. clawthorpegirl

    clawthorpegirl New commenter

    Hi I've been finding the threads on levelling pieces of writing really helpful recently and would be interested in any thoughts on the following two stories, both written by Y2. We 've been reading The Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson and the children acted out and then wrote their own versions. I'm reasonably confident on level 2 for both but am unsure whether 2C or 2B.
    One horbul day ther was a nasty greedy rat he steels pur pepuls food. And eats it all to him self heys greedy! the next day he was going for a rid on his hors to get some food. he sor a duck Just as he got her food the big bad mous kame he "sed stop". No! so they had a fight the big bad mous kickt him "ar" he ran away. they all got his food and had a party to the end.
    The highway rat and the big bad mouse.
    One upon a time there was a rat he was a highway rat he was a greedy, selfish meen. and he stol evron food evern his horse food then he had a sowd. He also stul rotern FOOD! Then he went into his cave and et the food then he was fat. The next day he rode his horse the he went up up up up and up on the mounitains then he met a big bad mouse and he said fee fo so I smell a english man then he pushed the highway rat then he was very stuck then the stick snal he landid on his horse the he fell out. and he had a work to do swep and mop the floor and he had a children like yorsome thing they had cake and some tretch. The end.
    Thanks for taking the time to read and in advance for any replies.
  2. clawthorpegirl

    clawthorpegirl New commenter

    Any thoughts anyone?
  3. helskie26

    helskie26 New commenter

    Definetely not higher than a 2C as they both lack detail and you would expect punctuation etc for a 2B
  4. Disagree with some of these comments. I would say the top piece would definitely get a 2B due to the use of adjectives, time connectives etcYou can allow for mistakes in punctation use in the level 2 bracket - even a 3C can have full stops incorrectly used for some of the writing!
  5. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I wouldn't give it a level 2 because of the misspelling of common words (he's, saw, came, said ...) plus the punctuation, grammar, sentence construction... sorry.
  6. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    Where I work we level against the APP guidelines - ticks for 3 out of AF5, AF6, AF1 and AF2 plus either AF7 or AF8.
    Levelling the first piece against this criteria I would judge it 1A as not all AF6 is met (sentence demarcation...) or AF1 (apt word choice) or AF7 (adventurous word choice). I'd give it a 1a.
    The second piece I think is borderline 1a/2c - he started off well, but gets a bit muddled by the end! Actually I think I'd probably go with 1a for this one too.

  7. clawthorpegirl

    clawthorpegirl New commenter

    Thanks again for peoples replies. (Hi Comenius). We use APP to make an overall judgement on child across a range of writing but also use the Ros Wilson Criterion Scale for individual pieces. I've just been looking again at both pieces and for story I can tick off 11 points and for story 2 11 or 12 which puts both comfortably into 2C.
    As someone else mentioned punctution doesn't have to be perfect for 2C and in story 2 there is correct useage of capital letters, full stops, a comma and an exclamation mark while story 1 also has correct use speech marks but no comma - although there is some missing I agree.
    I would also agree there isn't any particuarly adventurous langauge but there are examples of apt word choices - greedy, selfish, one horrible day, poor people "ar" etc.
    Spelling and grammar are issues for both children!

  8. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I would give 1B for the first & 1Afor the second
  9. clawthorpegirl

    clawthorpegirl New commenter

    Could you possibly explain why, especially the 1B for the first piece as that seems really low based on both the Ros Wilson and on APP.
  10. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I didn't feel it was a particularly good piece of writing. Not enough substance there to judge higher and simple HFW incorrectly spelt
  11. clawthorpegirl

    clawthorpegirl New commenter

    I've just found these examples of levelled writing online
    from www.eduwright.iow.gov.uk given 1B
    - The kite flew up in the siy but I codnt git it dool haoeme!
    from standards site but uploaded here https://www.tes.co.uk/ResourceDetail.aspx?storyCode=6034884 both classed as a secure level one
    - I went to a walk wil mum and dad and ellie and me.
    - wos a ponn tinn tey was a flower and it was lonlee. but an uver flow wGn to groow. it mad frens but teay died.
    I'm sure you see my point!
  12. clawthorpegirl

    clawthorpegirl New commenter

    It's really difficult to get tone correct online, I'm not being difficult but I didn't find your reply particualy helpful. I agree there are lots of hfw words spelt incorrectly but what do you mean by substance? Why isn't it a particualy good piece of writing? What (apart from the spelling) holds it back at 1B?
  13. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Sorry I see it as a secure level 1 no higher
  14. I agree they are definitely higher than 1b. Level 1 is very much with support and if they did this independently I can't see how either would be 1b. I'd probably go for a high 1a for the first and 2c for the second, if they were both written independently. The punctuation and spelling is poor on the first and although they use speech marks correctly once, they don't on the first occasion. There is some story language, but the issues with the punctuation and spelling would make me err on the side of caution.
    I think the second one is happily a 2c as the spelling and punctuation is better. They have more HFWs spelt correctly and they are applying their phonics more. They are extending sentences and have some apt word choices. The second one has also used a comma and exclamation mark correctly. Having said all that I don't think it is at all easy to level from one piece of work!
  15. clawthorpegirl

    clawthorpegirl New commenter

    But why?
    Last question I promise. So you don't think it's any better than the examples I posted or you don't agree with the standard site that those examples are 1B?
  16. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    If it's a level 2 I'm seriously undermarking my class
    Are you looking for an exciting holiday? Then come to Neverland.
    Discover pirates cave and skull rock, fly with Peter Pan! Have tea with Tinkerbell, go on a cruise to the beautiful blue lagoon. Don't delay book today.

  17. I think the OP was possibly querying why you don't agree it is even a 1a, given the examples of 1b she posted.
  18. jwraft

    jwraft New commenter

    We use Ros Wilson criteria that has been linked to APP and both of these are into a 2. Spelling isn't the be all and end all, adults being able to actually decode is part of the Level 2 criteria and both children would get a tick for this. They're both quite clearly stories and relate to the stimulus appropriately.
  19. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    because I don't think there is enough there for a 1A It's basically a retelling of the Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson...the piece I posted I also gave a 1B
  20. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Just mark it as whatever you think. Highlight the grids accurately and see what is there as evidence. If people moderate go with whatever they tell you it should be. Relax and stop worrying. It matter not a jot, no one will suffer if you are a sublevel or two out.

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