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Another Unemployed Teacher...

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by MissWillow88, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Having just successfully completed my probation year, I found myself ready to go into the big bad world of teaching, excited by the challenges ahead of me. Little did I know that the reality of the matter would be very different...

    My probation year was a difficult one for many reasons, not least because of the personnel changes within the school. Despite this, I remained enthusiastic throughout, building my teaching knowledge and becoming increasingly involved in the school community as a whole.

    Having reached the end of my year I, like many others, applied for the various jobs advertised, looking forward to the next chapter of my career. A few months on I've heard nothing back and feel disillusioned by my career choice.

    From speaking with other probationers, this seems to be a common trend. I am disheartened to find that certain local authorities seem uninterested in giving newly qualified teachers the opportunity to gain experience.

    Perhaps it's naivety given I've just qualified, but it feels like there is no encouragement or support to help people who are new to the profession.

    Should I be looking towards a new career path? Or am I just being moody?

    A young, upset teacher.
  2. I faced exactly the same problem. Total nightmare and I was becoming so disheartened. Would you ever consider spreading your wings? I ended up going down to London to teach for 3 years. I had a ball and I totally fell in love with London too. I went through an agency called Educate(UK) who help loads of teachers like us who struggle getting jobs here. You should have a look at their fb page. They really were fab!

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