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Another teacher making my life difficult by being their ‘friend’

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by mrandmrsscience, Sep 21, 2018.

  1. mrandmrsscience

    mrandmrsscience New commenter

    I’m hoping someone can suggest some helpful ideas for me, as I’m at my wits end and have spent the evening discussing with my husband resigning as the schools behavioural issues are really making me stressed out.

    Ok so situation number one. I share a class with a physics teacher and a biology teacher, the biology teacher happens to be head of biology. Me and physics teacher have issues with the same pupils. Biology teacher doesn’t. We get told ‘ they are fine for me’, and the inference is therefore it is us not the child. I had a issue with two pupils this week and biology teacher took it upon herself to instead of help me out, from what I am feeling, tried not to lose their matey relationship. One of them told her ‘he didn’t jnow’ He had a detention with me despite having argued with at break about it, and so she told him he could have another chance (with me, giving him a time for detention with me without my knowledge), and even though I told her he was outright lying tried to defend him and said ‘he was fine for her’. So I should just let it go. I know he will come to the detention and either be verbally abusive to me or not attend at all...

    I also had an issue with another girl who tried to take her planner from my hand, called me a stupid cow, stood in my classroom doorway when I had another lesson screaming at me, and biology teacher came out took her away and said ok love let’s sort this out. She then told me x had said I was ‘picking on her’ and she had told her that ‘if I was that would be investigated’ But if she behaved I wouldn’t need to speak to her. I was so upset after this as it seemed like she was siding with the child and instead of backing me up in telling her off for her actions at my door, which she witnessed the girl left smiling thinking all was good in the world. Any suggestions either how to broach the subject with the other teacher, and also to deal with persistent attention seeking pupils. Girl mentioned continually makes cheeky comments towards myself, defies rules in a goading manner- tongue piercing waving at me, chewing in class, swearing, calling me a stupid ***** when within earshot etc. In lessons.
  2. BioEm

    BioEm Occasional commenter

    I think you need to speak to the teacher in the first instance about how you feel undermined by her and if it doesn’t help things then you need to speak to her line manager. The fact that she is HOD makes it a bit trickier than if she was just a regular class teacher, but I do think it’s worth having a calm, professional chat with her first and then take it further if that doesnt help. She should also deal with the problem student you mention in a better way, so you need to let her know that the student is still being disrespectful and disruptive.

    You might also want to post this query on Workplace Dilemmas as stuff like this often comes up on there and people on there give great advice.
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  3. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Yes, post this over on Workplace Dilemmas as well since you have two separate issues here:

    1. How to deal with a colleague who is not supporting you
    2. The challenges of the badly behaved pupils

    I do agree with BioEm that firstly you need to speak to the Biology teacher either on your own or with her line manager. Approach it in a nonconfrontational manner that you want things resolved amicably. Stick to the facts of the behaviour of the students:

    a. The swearing and calling you a "stupid cow". That alone is serious and needs to be addressed.
    b. Standing in a doorway during a lesson while you are trying to teach and screaming at you. Again, a serious breach of school rules
    c. Defiance and snatching her planner. Again, serious issue here.
    d. Chewing gum, general disruption

    Keep to the "broken record" technique when speaking to the Biology Teacher: "I am sorry Lippy feels I am picking on her but the reason I have asked her to come for a detention on Friday after school is because on Thursday afternoon during Period 3 when she should have been in French, she appeared in the doorway of my lesson and shouted loudly for all to hear: "You stupid cow!" ( or whatever she was screaming). Continue with …"In fact, I have an entire class of Year 8s who witnessed the screaming and the appearance of Libby out of nowhere when she should have been in French.

    Don't engage with any "personal" issues Lippy or her mates have. Just keep repeating the school's behaviour policy using the broken record technique. Perhaps if Lippy continues to break the school rules, a meeting with the Head and her parents are in order.

    If I were a Head teacher and had to choose between Lippy and her mates and a trained science teacher, I know which one I would be choosing.

    If after you have spoken with Mrs Biology Teacher and/or her line manager and the behaviour is not addressed, then perhaps think of moving schools. You need to be somewhere where you know you are going to be supported.

    However, in many schools the students are in control of the schools, so it is getting harder and harder to find supportive schools.

    Mrs Biology Teacher is doing her students no favours as in the world of work the behaviours Lippy is displaying would not be tolerated; and it is not that far into the future when she is gong to have to cooperate with a boss so she might as well get used to it. When you are in a job, you have to be polite, courteous and follow reasonable instructions.

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