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Another new agency...suitable places to meet?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by ringlets, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. ringlets

    ringlets New commenter

    So before I completely give up on doing supply (I have my second days work tomorrow...since September...I kid you not) I have requested to sign up with quite a large and well known supply agency which has regional offices in most cities. Rather than me having to travel into my nearest big city to attend an interview, they asked me to travel to my local town which wouldn't be as far. I breathed a huge sigh of relief because it wouldn't cost as many miles in fuel. Then they told me where it would be...Costa Coffee in the Bus Station! I don't have any disposable income right now to even afford a coffee while I chat and it sits uneasy with me the fact that I will be sharing personal information in public outside of the confines of a meeting room.

    Am I over-reacting or does it just sum everything up that is wrong with agencies right now?
  2. 50sman

    50sman Lead commenter

    Remember - before they take you on they will need to take copies of all relevant documentation- you cannot as far as I know do this in a coffee shop so please ring them and check out exactly what will happen at this meeting.
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  3. cathr

    cathr Occasional commenter

    I had such meeting a few months ago. My CV had been approved online and I had had a conversation with the agency over the phone but paperwork needed to be checked, photo taken which was all done in a hotel lobby.
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  4. steviepal

    steviepal Occasional commenter

    My last interview with an agency was in a local hotel bar. Photos of documents taken. All above board and getting a reasonable amount of work out of them. Bus station cafe doesn't sound too plush but I did once have an interview in a Maccy Dees. They even bought me a coffee. Really wanted a big mac meal but hey ho.
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  5. TheOracleAtDelphi

    TheOracleAtDelphi Established commenter

    Is it the agency like the SA currency?
    Similar experience here - I had already completed most parts of the process (including electronic images/copies of various documentation) and the meeting was more about confirming my passport was real, taking a picture etc than collecting information about me (when I'd signed up for supply previously I was asked about teaching strategies and stuff like you would in a normal teaching interview and I'd been expecting something similar but it really wasn't like that!)

    If it is the cost that is bothering you could you suggest another location (park might be a bit cold at this time of year but library perhaps?)
  6. lovejoy_antiques

    lovejoy_antiques Senior commenter

    I've signed up in a Costa and a hotel lobby before. I think the consultant just wanted to get out the office!
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  7. Deirds

    Deirds Senior commenter

    I wrecked my wing mirror at an office based interview. In Costas they can't disappear and leave you hanging around. Could you not just have a cup of tea? As Oracle says, library could be a good alternative and they have photocopy machines there...
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  8. steviepal

    steviepal Occasional commenter

    Why did you take your wing mirror into an interview?
    Photocopiers aren't necessary. A smart phone photo does the job.
  9. Deirds

    Deirds Senior commenter

    The only parking space had an inconvently placed concrete pillar. My driving skills are not the best...
  10. ringlets

    ringlets New commenter

  11. sbkrobson

    sbkrobson Star commenter

    I was recently reading the latest legislation over employment agencies and I remember coming across something about them having to verify their workers in person, which has not always been the case.
    So the face to face thing could be just to check you do exist in the form you have presented on paper and electronically. That you are not a hologram. Technically they are also supposed to have sight of your DBS and ID but in fact I've had both accepted electronically multiple times.

    On a pragmatic level, meeting face to face does give the agency the ability to find out if you are a complete wierdo in some way, i suppose. Or if you smell really bad.
    If it were suggested to me that we meet in Costa, I would directly say that the drinks must be on them, and on arrival I'd bag myself a large mocha with hazelnut syrup, cream, mallows, chocolate chips and dredged cinammon, and then towards the end of the meeting, that hedgy cagey too scared or too assertive bit where you ask what they pay, I'd simply say "so-if I work for you how many of these do you think I'll be buying for myself?"
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2020
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  12. venny414

    venny414 New commenter

    These can be done quite simply with a mobile phone these days.
  13. 50sman

    50sman Lead commenter

    They can but a
    What about GDPR?

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