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Another Job Application Question!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by lucie19, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. lucie19

    lucie19 New commenter

    Hi All
    I am applying for a post that I love the sound of. I can tick all the boxes essential and desired and am really keen to work in the particular school. So it's perfect.
    I rang to ask for the application pack and got a bit nervous and stumbly on the phone so I really need to wow them with my application.
    The application form has a 'supporting information' section which I have taken a huge amount of time and effort over. However they specifically asked for a covering letter, so I am imagining they want more than "please find enclosed my application etc". I dont want to repeat what I have said in the supporting information section, so what do I write?
    Thanks as always for your support
  2. It's hard to say without having it in front of me, and apologies if any of this is blindingly obvious.
    You should certainly show you really have done your research and have looked not only at whatever they have sent you, but also at their website and at anything else Google throws up. Do this by exemplifying and developing anything in your CV and supporting information that is directly relevant to the post. In addition, make sure they know what extra you are bringing and focus it on the school. For example if you were an English teacher applying to a school with a strong musical focus, make sure they know you can play the saxophone.
    Address the Head by name not as Sir or Madam.
    Make sure the spelling and grammar is perfect on every aspect of the application.
    Good luck
  3. Not much to add, but some good advice above. Do also look on TheoGriff's jobs thread for more ideas/advice.

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