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another interview - again no job

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by Gila, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Interview today, the best feedback I ever got: imaginative, reflective, great lesson, wouldn't change a thing. Finally it seems I showed what I can offer, and it was much appreciated. But I didn't get the job, because it's a very small school and my areas of expertise weren't what they really needed, and obviously there was somebody else they also liked a lot and fitted in better with their requirements. Soooo upset - I know I would have fitted in so well, and loved everything about the school. I have rarely come across a school I liked so much. Still, it's good for me to have such positive feedback, if only to build up my confidence to keep me going. Tears again though... will I ever find the school where everything fits?
  2. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Just wanted to send you a BIG cyber hug. I didn't get mine today either. Theres time yet and they may pass on your details if another school is looking so don't loose heart xx
  3. thank you for the cyber hug, and this is to send one back to you x
  4. I know how you feel. I didn't get mine yesterday either and I really loved the school. I feel a bit gutted. I had greate feedback on my lesson but my second round of interviewing wasn't as strong.

    Let's hope we all get something soon :)
  5. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Oh Gila ,how gutting!
    and still not getting the job!
  6. Thank you for responding with kind words - I dreamt about this school last night and I think it will upset me for a while. But I'm also trying to focus on the positives, and this interview experience has also given me hope that maybe there will be another school at some point who will recognise my strengths and where I will fit in. So, with that in mind, will spend the next few days applying for the last few available jobs..... good luck to everybody who is still applying as well!
  7. Oh bless you! Sorry to hear this news. It is horrible when you don't get a post at a school you really love and even though you get great feedback that is little consolation. I think you are being very pragmatic in realising that you weren;t beaten by a better candidate but by someone whose requirements met their's better than you experience and what you had to offer - which in a small school environment can be the thing.
    If it is any consolation this is how I felt when i went for interview in a junior school in May. it was an average sized junior school with 6 or 7 mixed age classes. The head said to me when he called to tell me I hadn't got the post that if he had 2 jobs he would be offering me one as he was very impressed but in the end they were nit-picking between me and someone else and as the other person was their GTP candidate and she knew the school, in the end I think it came down to the fact they they would require less 'settling in' than I would and they knew that they already fit, whereas I was more of an unknown entity.
    However, the head recommended me to his ex-deputy who is now a head at a much larger primary. I went for interview there and got the job and also an opportunity to expand my experience into a year group I have never worked in before, so sometimes they do recommend you elsewhere, especially if they thought you were great and it was just you weren;t quite right for their set up. In hindsight I can see how the second school is perhaps more suited to me, than I am to it, than the first school was, as the first school had a much larger SEN focus and in upper KS2 and I feel I am almost getting pigeon holed into both of these areas, which I wish to avoid.
    Keep at it - you came so close this time. After I came as close as you, I got the next post, so carry that momentum forward :)
  8. thanks Bobby for the encouragement. I do have another interview on Wednesday, found out this afternoon. Unfortunately it's not for a job I really want - it's only for 1.5 days, one day in one class, half a day in another. I'd much rather be a proper class teacher, and of course this is also a big step down financially. There are very few jobs left to apply for though, and I think I will go to the interview. It would be better to have this part time job I think than nothing - and it would add another year group to my experience, year 6, and therefore SATS. In a way it feels like 'giving up', in another it feels like being practical and realistic.
  9. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Gila, well done on that interview.
    As you say 1.5 days is better than nothing, Y6 experience will be good & it may be future employers might look more favourably on employed as opposed to unemployed.
  10. I'm the same - had one today
    I really enjoyed the school and thought it went well.
    I thought I would be really happy there and could progress my career.
    But they said that I did really well but it was a strong field. Totally gutted and now losing my confidence as have had three interviews now.

  11. Me too cazabelle...

    It's rubbish!
  12. It's hard to know where to go from here. How do you make sure you get the job?
  13. Namstar

    Namstar New commenter

    Shout outs to all the above posters

    Today I too join the club of not getting the job at a school I felt I really fitted into.

    Still, I was given some good feedback, one last push before the term is over.

    Even though i'm deflated, I still want to say, keep positive!!!
  14. Oh I know that deflated feeling... glad you're trying to stay positive, even though it's so difficult to do. Good luck to everybody who's still trying to get a job for September. I'm getting really nervous now about my interview on Wednesday, and it's just for 1.5 days, which is not what I want or need!
  15. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Just think of all the pros for 1.5 days Gila - better than supply and can be done in conjunction with. You could get another part time role too if you wanted the stability. Good luck, itll work out for the best.
    When will schools stop advertising Theo? x
  16. Yes, I too failed to get a job at a school I love last Friday. They loved my lesson and I know I would have fitted in really well. I failed to sell myself enough at interview. They didn't appoint anyone. Has put me off applying for anything else as they have said to apply again when a job comes up in a lower yr gp (int was for yr 6) and will be supply available there too. Can't stop thinking about it!
  17. How gutting! It's difficult but just keep going, your dream job is out there somewhere!!
    Brilliant to get such good feedback too, clearly you have LOTS to offer, all the best of luck x x

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