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Another Embedding ICT thread!

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by chubbychops, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. We are going through the BSF process and are currently redesigning the new building. As part of this, SMT have asked if I would consider ICT being embedded in other subject areas through KS3 but keeping KS4 as it is. Myself and other ICT teachers would be responsible for working with other departments and would tell them how to use ICT to develop their subject. These ICT based lesson would then be led by the ICT specialist with the subject teacher there to deal with the content.
    Has anyone used this approach and what are your experiences? I know this was all discussed as part of the BETT show but I could do with someone who is currently working this way. What are the benefits / downfalls of this way of teaching ICT?
  2. No responses - assuming no one else is running KS3 ICT like this then! If you have gone through BSF, what changes have been made to your curriculum, particularly ICT? Need to do a statement to the governors about pros / cons and could do with some examples from real experiences.
  3. Look for ICTAC online. There's been quite a lot of discussion about it.
    If you want people producing posters in PowerPoint that have little/no sense of audience and the like then it is a good approach![​IMG]
    The other thought, how would you ENSURE that EVERY pupil in KS3 has totally followed the STATUTORY requirements of the KS3 PoS?
    Would I want to do down this road...er, not on your nelly!
  4. really appreciate all your comments - have put my thoughts down in writing to governors. As you say, too little gain for all that upheaval. I'm all for innovative thinking but this seems to be change for the sake of it and definately not in the pupils best interests!
    Thanks again!
  5. I don't expect it's of any use to you now as you've already written your report but over 20 years ago I did my Masters degree and my dissertation was on models of delivery for ICT in secondary education. It was about the time when schools were looking for ways to cut back on ICT time and free up the computer suites for subject specialists to use. My research showed that the discrete ICT lesson was the best model for delivery. I went to schools who were using the model of absorbing ICT into other subjects with team teaching etc and it just didn't work - in one or two schools it even caused real friction because the 'subject specialist' teachers frequently didn't turn up for the ICT based lesson ("is it alright if I just go and photocopy this/grab a cup of cofffee/phone a parent etc etc" were typical reasons for the no show). And here we are again years and years later looking at ICT being sidelined again. Heads/curriculum managers just have to accept that ICT <u>skills</u> need to be taught just like everything else on the curriculum! You might have 10,000 friends on facebook and be really comfortable with an iphone but at some stage someone has to teach you how to search database, use a spreadsheet or put a document into double line spacing!
    good luck with it tho'
    all the best, from a very old teacher !

  6. I assumed those things would happen! Would love to read that dissertation though. Sad that not much has change in 20 years but then I suppose everything goes round in circles in our profession!
  7. We used to have distinct ICT lessons, then we moved to an off-timetable day for each year group once a term for them to do an ICT 'project'. Now we have ICT embedded into the other lessons - which seems to work for us & the pupils. I teach science & it is quite easy to use ICT resources although I don't actually teach HOW to use EXCEL or powerpoint, I stipulate that it should be used & can explain / advise on 'how' if asked.
    The only person for whom this did not work was the ICT teacher - he was not needed any more.

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