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Another Edexcel 'Moan'

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Betamale, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. Why would an exam board set an exam marked out of 60 and set the grade for A star at 58/59 yet make 4 marks A star questions? and probably 5-6 for A grade.
    How on earth are good kids able to get A stars and differentiate themselves when these papers are being produced?
    One minor error on question 3 about a very trivial subject and they cannot get an A star and sit with the kids who get A's without anwering A grade questions?
  2. pencho

    pencho New commenter

    Which exam was this by the way
  3. 2381 Modular terminal exam 55% of the overall grade.
    85-88% on a two hour linear paper for an A star is fine but 58/59 out of 60 on this IMO is very poor form by an exam board.
    My 3 best students hit 56-57 and therefore couldnt get the A star on a mock yet can happily hit 90% on a linear paper and handle a C1 paper.
    The first 16/17 questions out of 19/20 are not even beyond year 8 SOW level.
    B grade students can happily get their B as its so easy, some even A's yet the kids who have worked their butts off cannot access the A star they deserve
  4. Maths_Mike

    Maths_Mike New commenter

    Becuase they are not intrested in making it a fair test for the more able - they are intrested in making it easy and accesable so that kids (and undoubtedly teachers) want to do it.
    Also to be fair they have to follow guidnace about what percentage of each paper assess each level and under the two teir system there options are limited.
    I have said it before (even before I ever saw a two teir paper) that it is unfit for pupose.
  5. Other examination boards are available.......
  6. Agree Mike
    Intermediate has to come back if they insist on the higher being so watered down.
    Our good year 9s can get As, our best year 11s can get As...where is the 2 years work gone on paper?

    .......silly post.
    You are (i) assuming I am a HoD who can change the exam board at my leisure (ii) Not understanding that these kids have done half a GCSE and banked UMS from 2 units they have happily forgotten the topics tested (iii) Failed to realise that the exam is in 4-5 weeks and switiching a cohort who have already been paid for is simply not viable.
    Your post could have said: "In future years it may be a consideration to look at alternatives" but the dot, dot, dot after your posts suggests its just a case of e saying "Oh we are not doing that exam anymore, we will do a complete U turn for your final exam"
  7. pencho

    pencho New commenter

    Which year are we talking about here. I thought that the terminal module is worth 120 marks and not 60. Just interested.
  8. pencho

    pencho New commenter

    I've found it. See what you mean. Maybe consider aggregating the two papers and if any student has 111/120 over the two papers then do it this way, instead of taking each paper as a separate entity. Afterall you wouldn't get a separate grade per part unit in the real exam.

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