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Another brilliant idea from me...

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by WaitingtoTeach21, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. Racyrache - Sussex, Science

    Sorry I'm a bit late!
  2. Astralabe - Got place!(History/Bristol Uni)
    Olympic Girl - Got place! (Manchester Met, Secondary English)
    jcc22 - Got interview (13th December, Bath Spa)
    Shamaela- Got Interview (29th November/Liverpool Hope uni)
    starstarstar- waiting for news after interview with cambridge english and drama
    Donkey85- Got Conditional offer! Bath Spa General Primary
    Keithwlp - waiting foe news after interview at ARU
    halo2me - Offered & accepted a place, secondary history at Newcastle
    sueky - waiting for reference (secondary biology,Bangor Uni)
    gogogaget - Waiting for response from 1st choice (edge hill)
    Sarah - Got Interview (14th December, IOE, Secondary English)
    HJS1062 - Got place (Secondary Geography, Newcastle)
    Twistlv - Completing application
    2manynames - Have been accepted by UWE (Primary Spanish).
    Pink tink - Waiting on 2nd choice (Manchester - which I won`t get in to, after not gettinng a place after mmu interview) :(
    Spinkidink-waiting on response from interview BA primary, Manmet.
    Doarby - waiting for response from 2nd choice
    _lilac_- Got Place (Secondary History, IOE)
    saz1986 - Got place (Primary PGCE, Nottingham Trent)
    elearningdeveloper - Waiting for response from 1st choice (Secondary ICT, Institute of Education)
    Racingboots - Conditional place at Somerset SCITT (On reserve list for Bath Spa) General Primary
    Syrup- Got place ( Secondary Science,Sussex)(glad I don't have a lisp!)
    jjhptrb - Got interview (Canterbury 29th November! Lower primary)
    Geeekchic - Got place, Primary PGCE, Warwick
    Username7- Got interview! (29/11, MMU)
    Shefstar - Waiting on 1st choice (Secondary R.E @ York St John)
    Redpark - got an interview 12 dec Brighton lower primary
    Caz9358 - Got interview, 13 December, Liv Hope, primary.
    s0237276 - Got place (Secondary Maths, Durham)
    Lyme - got interview 28th November, secondary History Worcester Uni
    Jencat - sitting on a**e ('cos otherwise some bloody medic will poke something else up there) waiting for biopsy result.
    Pinktuss - Interview TOMORROW at Wolverhampton for Primary! So scared!
    Plonkit - Got Place! (Secondary History Reading)
    Benjybody - Waiting for welcome letter (Secondary RE Edge Hill)
    Rosa Luxembourg - Waiting on second choice (Exeter Primary English) rejected sans interview by Devon Scitt.
    lily2585 - Waiting for result of interview (Man Uni, Primary, 1st choice)
    Capaci - I got a place
    Rich-100 - Offer for choice 2, interviews at other 5 choices coming up sooon!
    brilliantbuttons - got place (Bath Spa primary)
    Jerseygirl - got an interview for Early Years Primary at Exeter on Dec 13th!
    Nat_1 - got an interview for MMU Primary on 29 Nov
    KatiePGCEr- got an interview at Manchester University on December 8th for general Primary PGCE (1st choice)
    Casey12 Got interview at Edge Hill 13/12 PGCE primary
    nath1985 got interview at sunderland 06/12 PGCE primary !st choice
    pinkangeluk - got a place - early years b'ham uni
    clairesland - waiting for interview result
    Suzie_lou - Waiting for welcome letter (hoping to teach secondary Biology)
    gembug - Waiting for result from interview at Warwick, Early Years
    cpembers - Got place - Bath Spa Primary
    Benjybody - Received welcome letter. Waiting to hear from 1st choice (Secondary RE)
    Kerpow - Got place on Chem Enhancement at Sussex and interview for PGCE Chem at KCL on Weds 29th (I obviously should be working on my presentation at the moment!)
    Veritus - waiting to hear from 1st choice (Primary 5-11 with subject interests in sciences and catholic RE)
    Emma2007 - got interview - Cambridge Primary,7th Dec
    MishkaBlue - Interview 6th Dec - Birmingham
    Whyohwhy - got interview tomorrrow (29th Nov, secondary PE - canterbury) sorry forgot to put where before!
    icklenic- got interview tomorrow (29th), wandsworth SCITT
    Doufu -Got place at Goldsmiths lower primary
    Brightjungthing - got interview - Cambridge Early Years, Wed 6th Dec
    musica - got place! (brighton uni for 5-11 primary ba hons)
    Pettsvaldo - got interview - Bristol UWE General Primary, Wed 6th Dec
    Keira - Waiting to hear interview outcome at first choice, Canterbury (Secondary History.)
    Mair- Waiting for an interview Result at my first choice (Upper Primary)
    Keithwlp - got place on PGCE Secondary ICT course at ARU
    badlydrawnbadger - got interview - 11th dec s'dary drama&english warwick
    MarthaQ - interview, 12 December - UWIC - Secondary Maths
    Micki- Got place Exeter- Secondary History
    emma_s - Got place! (Newcastle Uni - secondary maths, sunderland uni - maths enhancement course)
    Kate9. got place (brighton uni gen primary)
    emzig123- got place at Bristol for Secondary Maths
    pink.fish - waiting to hear after interview (30th Nov) - Worcester uni, general primary
    Shamaela- Waiting to hear interview outcome (Liverpool Hope uni/ Early years)
    Tinzel - Got a Place on National SCITT
    Kirstymc100 - Interview at Liverpool Hope (date unknown at the mo - very excited!)
    pazza7 - got place at Liverpool Hope for Secondary English
    kacorbett- interview at Man Met for secondary English with SEN (13.12.06!)
    Surreygirl - Got interview (St Marys/23rd Jan)
    Snowboarding queen - waiting for reply from Can CC for primary general. Interview was 29/11
    Missytyrell - Waiting for response from 1st choice (Newcastle Secondary)
    La Belle Epoque- Awaiting decision from 1st choice (IOE)
    Bestgirl66 - Got conditional place - Portsmouth English Sec - Interviewed 27/11/06.
    Kirsty85- Waiting for response from Sheffield Hallam
    Welshchap84 - Rejected from UIWC aftre interview - Bath SPA interview 15th Jan
    cashmere_kitten - Got place!! (York, Secondary English)
    lw127 - Got conditional place (Roehampton, Secondary History)
    naomilou- got conditional place @newcastle (secondary history)
    Keira - Got unconditional offer, Canterbury Secondary History
    Nicamy21 - Got conditional place (with a 2:1 degree) for Early Years Primary @ MMU
    Surama - Got unconditional place (IoE, Secondary English)
    Firefox21 - Interview: 11 Jan 07 (Pilgrim Partnership Primary GTP Bedfordshire)
    sleepyhead88 - waiting for response from St Marys, Interview at Roehampton 7th March for BA primary with RE.
    electraleeds- interview at Newcastle, jan 24th
    esx13 - interview at Hope, Primary, 8th Feb
    rachypoos - interview at Canterbury, 10th Jan, lower primary with german
    Irishcailin- interview with St Marys for Primary Pgce, on the 23rd of Jan but havent received my letter from st marys yet
    LOUISE28K-interview at IOE for RE Secondary sometime in Jan,was told over the phone so am waiting for the interview date thru the post
    Primary1-interviews x3!! Oxbrookes on 7th Feb, Roehampton on 7th March, Chichester on 14th March
    Bedingfield - 2nd stage interview on 2 Feb at Leicestershire and Leicester Primary SCITT
    Littlegingergem-Got a place! St Marys for MFL secondary.
    Pink - tink - waiting for interview decision (Manchester university, 2nd choice)
    Orangetigger - Got a place (MMU, Secondary Geography)
    lucky_pierre - Got a place (Loughborough, D&T)
    jjscorpio - Got a place (Secondary History, Warwick)
    icegem4 -Got a place- conditional (Primary,Leeds uni)
    Shellbi - Got a place (Liverpool Hope,Lower Primary)
    DocSwan - Got interview 8th Feb (Herts upper primary
    Vdecarvalho- Got a place (UWE primary mfl)
    Electraleeds- got place at Newcastle!! but turned it down to pay off debts then go into research!!
    Samangel - Got a place (Bristol Uni Secondary English)
    Joteach10- Got a place (Warwick General Primary)
    juicyfruit - Got interview 21st March (Liverpool Hope, Primary French)
    Cals - Got a place (conditional of CRB and Health checks) University of Plymouth PGCE Art and Design
    LindTay - Got a place UEA primary PGCE. Waiting for results of interview for SNITT GTP.
    Littlemissmel- waiting to hear from interview
    YorkChemGrad- waiting for reference
    charliechan - Interview 08/03 Reading secondary English.
    Sueky - Got place at the University of bangor Secondary Biology.
    MediaPumpkin - Got a place at Notts Uni - Secondary English! Yippee!!
    Sam_Bow - Got place at Notts Uni English with MediaPumpkin! Yay!

  3. Shedman

    Shedman Star commenter

    Out of interest, how many of you are still teaching?

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