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Another blog to plug I'm afraid....

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Looby_Lou14, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Looby_Lou14

    Looby_Lou14 New commenter

    Hi Everyone,
    I know these are endless and can become tedious, however I have started my very first blog this evening based on my attempts to overhaul my lifestyle- diet, exercise, nutrition, relationship, career etc.
    It is intended mainly for me as a way to vent, and track my progress (hopefully I will make some!) and to be as honest as possible, but I thought if one or two people 'followed' me or read it every so often it would give me an extra reason to push myself.
    The blog can be found at:
    I literally have just started it this evening and have only made one post so far, so please be nice and don't send the grammar police out! It is just a bit of fun and a virtual way of kicking myself up the bum to make some changes!
    I hope you enjoy if you do decide to check it out,
    Take care, Looby xx
  2. Hello, nice blog! I blog too although I blog about food and the joy I get from cooking. Well done on making those changes in life, I have made a LOT of positive changes in the last year after going through a really rough time and it has made a real difference to my self confidence. One of these changes was taking up new hobbies, one of which is this:
    Have bookmarked your blog so I can follow your progress. Good luck!
  3. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    I dont usually read blogs - mainly because I just forget about them. You write nicely and I wish you every luck with it. If it's any consolation I am tubby but dont even like fizz or chocolate.
  4. Very nicely written blog, Looby. Look forward to reading more. :)
    Your blog is great too, Frances - I bookmarked it when you posted the link on the 'Cookery' forum. I particularly enjoyed 'Mince & Tatties and Tatties & Mince'!
    Keep blogging, ladies.
  5. The OP is giving away a huge amount of personal information which will make her easy to identify, not least by her employers. Also, anyone wanting to read about health and fitness might be turned off by a post which is entirely about teaching.
    The food one is well-written and informative but in my opinion the posts are too long. More than one subject in a blog post is too much. The optimum length for a post is meant to be 300 words!

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