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Annual EHCP reviews

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by HelloMrsEllis, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. HelloMrsEllis

    HelloMrsEllis New commenter

    I work as a teacher in a MLD school. Every pupil in our school has an EHCP which is reviewed annually.

    I wondered how other schools prepare for the EHCP review?

    In our school, class teachers write a report in preparation for the review. At the moment this report has the headings English, Numeracy and PSD. The teacher is expected to add the child's levels, write a couple of paragraphs and set next steps for each title then make a general overall comment.

    I have suggested to my head teacher that we change these titles to reflect the objectives set out in the EHCPs: namely Education and Learning (for life and work); Communicating and interacting with others; Friendships, relationships and being part of my community; SEMH needs; Independence and personal care; Physical needs and Sensory needs.

    My head teacher has responded saying it sounds like a good ideea and has asked me to trial it and report back.

    I just wondered what other schools do. After the report is compiled it is sent out to parents with a date for the review meeting, then teachers are expected to annotate and update the current EHCP with any revisions in time for the meeting. I believe changing the way we write the report will make this preparation easier.

    During the review these changes are discussed and either agreed upon or discarded.

    Just curious what others do and think.
  2. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    What I think you propose makes perfect sense - more fit for purpose.
  3. R13

    R13 Occasional commenter

    Personally I think the idea of an EHCP is that it should be personalised and individual. In other words a child whose principle needs are cognition and communication would have those needs addressed and a child whose principle needs were say SEMH would have the report focussed on Social, emotional and mental health needs and progress
  4. dzil

    dzil Occasional commenter

    We use the headings of the EHCP plan in our teacher written reports for the EHCP meeting like you suggest, and it really does make the meeting and report updating easier.

    The teacher writes a couple of sentences on each heading, maybe adding any relevant information from curricular subjects and levels IF they are relevant. The teacher adds the next steps and states if this is a priority learning area for the student and why. (i.e is this an area in which the students need extra support over and above that provided for all students in the school and if so, is it a high, medium or low priority for the student at this time: we try to have no more than 3 of the areas as high priority, preferably only one or two) This is the report that is sent out to parent and the other involved professionals before the review. It is virtually the update for the EHCP.

    The whole thing means you write one, relevant report for the meeting not the two which you currently do.

    We use the report and updated EHCP to select the objectives for the next year (usually the areas that have been marked as high priority, not every area) and then the IEP targets break down those objectives into attainable (good old SMART) targets to focus the students individual programme and work towards the selected objectives.

    It cuts down on a lot of work and makes the EHCP report focused and different from the student's annual "academic" report. And once you have done it, the report can be written fairly easily as an update of the previous plan based on the students attainment of their IEP targets, which then leads easily into the development of the next EHCP plan cycle.

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