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Annoying TA!!

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by zarashah123, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. That was exactly what I meant by that sentence. I would never undermine a TA in front of my pupils and I would expect the same in return.

    Yes assist with teaching not tell teachers how to teach, feedback about how the pupils are doing (out of their earshot) is appropriate but questioning a teacher's method is not something a TA is qualified to do. By that I do not mean TAs should not suggest alternative strategies if they feel it would benefit the class but you need to bear in mind responsibility lies with the teacher.
  2. and sorry I did mean assist teachers with teaching. I definitely dont see TAs as PAs!
  3. lmao
    obviously I do...
    luckily I only work with professional staff - so they never have to see my dark-side

  4. cally4

    cally4 New commenter

    i confess i also hate the term "my ta" maybe its a chip on the shoulder thing but i dont like it either!! I was introduced to the class teacher's husband as this is "my ta" and it rankled, i felt somehow rather subservient, utter nonsense of course but i didnt like it. I wanted to be introduced as cally a ta who works with me or who supports the class. It does make me feel like im their property and it rankles. My colleagues feel the same.Ive never referred to the hair stylist who i go to and my hairdresser either. I go Megan at hairways! I feel it is a bit upstairs downstairs otherwise. I also agree with the poster who says language is important, how we label/define roles/ others is important, thats why classroom assistant/ancilliary became teaching assistant. Its easy to poo poo things like this but it is important.I never refer to teachers i work for as "my teacher" its always been this is x I work with her in class x.Goodness i sound prissy but it matters to me. its the little things hey that rankle!

  5. When I say my it is almost always due to affection for the person. I dont call the hairdresser MY hairdresser because I dont know him very well so I can him THE hairdresser. I called by MY year 10s, THE year 10s until i started enjoying teaching them. I call mr 1033 MY husband but I used to call him THE man who lives down the hall.

    Language is important and it's also to remember different words have different meanings to different people. To me the prefix my shows closeness and I usually would be slightly offended if a friend described me as the or a. Maybe it's because of being bought up in a places where friends are always described along the lines of "our kelly"...
  6. why cant we edit posts! obviously i meant i call him not can him, call my not called by my and it's also important. Need to think and type at the same speed!
  7. Perhaps she is just trying to be helpful. Are you a new teacher? Has she been there a LOT longer? Does she get a copy of your planning so she knows what you are trying to do? Do you meet with her and include her fully in your lessons? Perhaps if you communicate better with each other then this wouldn't happen. If you met with each other before lessons she could offer her advice just to you and not in front of the kids. Us TAs love to feel valued and that our opinions are welcomed. Hope you manage to get it sorted.

  8. Whoops I only read the first page and then clicked reply. Didnt realise it had all been sorted a LONG time ago LOL
  9. this need sorting out before you get really upset have you got an online manager you could have a quiet word with.
  10. I'm a TA, I'm there to assist the teacher.

    Assist the teacher to teach well.
    Assist the teacher to be prepared to teach well.
    Assist the teacher with supporting struggling pupils.
    Assist the teacher to manage bad behaviour.
    Assist the teacher to ensure pupils recieve the best education available to them.
    Assist the teacher to ensure all the pupils are safe.
    Assist the teacher with group numeracy and literacy.

    The clue for me is in my job title, assisting the teacher will benefit the pupils, which is my motivation.
    I am treated as a teacher with pupils and without pupils, I wouldn't expect it any differently and I wouldn't ever question my teachers request. If i disagree with anything, I ask how it works and discuss the outcomes in the staffroom casually.. as teachers would, i wouldn't want to make a teacher feel they needed to be defensive, I'm not a parent or an auditor it's not my place.
    Did you notice how I said my teacher? that's because they are my teachers, they are who i work with. Why is it so awful for a teacher to say my TA? it's pedantic.
    Life is too short for self-importance and being haughtiness. Just teach.
  11. Oops didn't know this was a revived blast from the past, still applies though.I meant to write self-importance and haughtiness. Don't know where that being came from!
  12. My TA, constantly refers to me as "My Teacher". I never even thought about it before I read this. I doesn't bother me in the slightest. How else would you refer to your teacher or TA if talking to someone who didn't know them? 'The TA/Teacher with whom I work?' [​IMG]
  13. Well.....! If it helps, I always refer toThe Teacher With Whom I Work as 'My Teacher' when I am speaking to someone who doesn't work at my school. At school I would refer to her as 'Margaret' because that is her name, and all my colleagues would know to whom I was referring.
    To introduce you, in a social situation (I'm assuming it was a social situation and the teacher's husband isn't another colleague!) as 'My TA', is rather clumsy and perhaps this teacher of yours is not great in social situations. It would have been better to say something like: 'This is Wilhelmina' - hopefully her husband would know who Wilhelmina is (yes, yes, I've plucked a name from thin air for its comedy value) and if not she could add, 'I WORK WITH HER'. Because she does work with you. It's up to her husband then to ask what it is that you do, should he be interested.
    As far as the OP is concerned, I am wondering if perhaps she was drunk when she added the post containing the phrases 'button it'; 'case closed'; and 'period'. Because if not then she is clearly 15 years old and too young to be a qualified teacher.
    In fact, whilst I have every sympathy with colleagues who work with people unable to behave in a professional manner, I can't help thinking that someone sufficiently immature to use such language is probably at least partly to blame for any flawed relationships at work.
    Apologies to anyone whose name is Wilhelmina...it goes way back to my school days. ;D
  14. Met the teacher, who I work with. out in the street with her husband. I was introduced as a TA I work with.
  15. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    Mutual Respect works every time. The teacher I work with tells me what she would like me to do the group I work with, but always asks me if I think they can manage it. She respects my opinion. However I would not dream of correcting her in a class lesson or giving her feedback at the end of the lesson unless she asked me for it.
  16. Here here! (I am a TA by the way, not a teacher!)
  17. Help! I am an NQT and during my first 2 weeks of teaching I walked into a conversation between my TA and the DH basically bitching about me - little things like 'there isnt enough writing in their books' - yet I do my planning with the other year 2 teachers and they think it is fine!
    I put on a brave face, but there is now very little relationship between my TA and myself, she doesnt listen to my instructions and often doesnt listen to the task she is given and ends up confusing the children or giving them a different task!
    I give her copies of the planning but she doesnt read it and complains if she is working in a group with a 'lively' child in it.
    Any ideas for what to do? Me, this TA and the One-on-One who works in my class have all gone out for lunch etc for team building, but I'm getting frustrated!
    x x x

  18. The fact is some assistants are very unprofessional and do not know their place. The teacher is in control of the classroom and not the assistant. If the assistant wants to be in control s/he should become a teacher. I have an assistant who is abusive. She interrupts me mid-flow to shout at my pupils for minor infractions (which I am in control of) and sits chatting away to pupils when I have asked everyone to be quiet. She causes disruption. She has no qualifications but views herself as equal to me. She has no respect for my qualifications and experience and I have heard her slagging me off to other teachers in their classes in front of the children I teach. They have said to her that maybe I could hear what she was saying and she said "I don't care". I have been nothing but nice to her and always let her know what we are doing each day and how she can help in my lessons. Still she is disrespectful and aggressive. I have always said please and thank you. I have always smiled and showed appreciation for her efforts. I have never been rude or condescending.

    Once I dismissed her because we didn't need any help that day and she shouted and was rude in front of pupils. She often corrects me in front of pupils. She often cuts me off mid-flow. She slags me off behind my back. She is abusive in speech towards me and pupils. She drives way too fast and ran me off the road one day.

    I don't like her behaviour and I don't think she should be allowed in a school.
  19. I have worked with many classroom assistants in the time that I have taught and some have been excellent with or without training. Some of the classroom assistants have been fully qualified teachers and others have had no qualifications or training at all. I have never really had a problem with any of them except this one and maybe one other who just kept talking when I was talking. I think it is to do with job satisfaction or personal problems like self esteem when it comes to classroom assistants not getting on with the teacher.

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