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Annoying TA!!

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by zarashah123, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. hey everyone,

    just need to have a moan about one of my TAs!

    She keeps on undermining me in front of my class... I'm not sure what I should do!

    She is more of a hinderence than a help!


  2. Perhaps if you gave us some examples of what she does that's so annoying, then we might be able to offer some advice....
  3. Am being awkward I know, but she is not YOUR TA, she is A TA! She does not belong to you. She works with you, or should do.

    More details please.
  4. Not much of a moan is it? Where are all the juicy bits about how she make you look like an idiot etc.

    I await with non baited breath for any further details!!
  5. chey

    chey New commenter

    hear hear !!
  6. Why are you so hung up on this, having completed a week in a primary school all you ever hear is 'Who is YOUR TA?' and

    'Me and My TA' from teachers,

    it isn't implied to mean the TA belongs to the teacher, stop being so pedantic and offer advice or back off. In fact MY probably refers to the fact the TA works exclusively with this teacher, just the same as teachers and TAs call their class my class or my kids.

    Tell your TA how you feel, lay down the law in the simple way that you wouldn't undermine them so why are they doing it to you.

    Don't be too harsh however your TA may not be aware that they are undermining you.
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  7. chey

    chey New commenter

    well after a whole week's experience --------
  8. and a after being a Science Learning Support Assistant for a year...
  9. hi all

    well, basically she gives me teaching advice in front of my whole class (maybe she should become a teacher)

    more to the point, her advice is not worth listening to...

    She also feels the need to offer me feedback at the end of my lesson... Quite frankly she is not my line manager, and i dont need it!

    Hope it is now clearer
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  10. chey

    chey New commenter

    hi zarashah

    It may be she has previously worked with someone with a very different teaching style / very experienced and thinks she is being helpful ? Perhaps it would be best to have a general chat with her and bring into the conversation that it can be quite off putting for you if she contributes during the lesson - suggest she looks at your plans previous to the lesson to see where/who with you need her and say she can give her suggestions then ? You can then choose to politely ignore them if you wish.

    The feedback after - if it is positive she may think she is being supportive and friendly , if not then a smile and a quick exit on an errand should get the message across without causing aggro if done consistently .[​IMG]

    If yours is a new working partnership give it time as its hard for both parties .

    Good luck - let us know if it improves .
  11. I have to disagree fairlady. I've worked as a TA and HLTA for 10 years now, and I have worked with many different teachers. All teaching styles are different, and a good TA will be able to adapt to each one. In some classes I support 1:1, in some small groups and in others I team teach alongside the class teacher. I take my cue from the teacher and SENCO. I would not dream of telling the class teacher how to do her job. I'm not saying I agree with all teaching methods and behaviour management styles, but if teachers are not teaching well, this should be picked up by the SMT.
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  12. halftermheaven

    halftermheaven New commenter

    Fairlady, please don't be offended by this. She didn't mean any harm and I can totally understand where she's coming from. You never know she may not have confidence as a teacher yet and needs to find her place in the classroom without feeling pressurised.

    Would you give up hours of your unpaid time to plan together when she can plan sufficiently herself?

    Feedback is valuable about the children and how they got on with the task set. I would welcome feedback if someone was to comment on an activity being too hard/easy or suggesting that they didn't cope well with the work sheet. Nobody has even suggested that theis lady's ta is not worth listening to, it's just there's a time and a place for it and if she doesn't want to take the advice that's her perogative.

    Everybody has to pull together as a team and work together under the teacher's directing. Student teachers work alongside the teacher. Your might give some valuable advice and your teacher may enjoy working with you but not everybody has the same relationship.

    Also remember all schools are different and not all tas cover classes.

  13. halftermheaven

    halftermheaven New commenter

    The head teacher and senior leadership team are "above" me. I'm happy with that. If they make a decision I just go with it. I know my place. If I want to be in their position I'll need more training and then get their job.

    I'm not equal to them in terms of job/experience/responsibility etc.


  14. I take all your comments on board, however, I still say that to state that her 'opinion is not worth listening to' is downright offensive. Everyone is worth listening to. If it were not for that comment, I would not have made an issue. And for the record, I am a ta with 10 years experience, also an NVQ assessor and well aware that teaching styles are different. But positive communication should be of paramount importance between teacher and ta.
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  15. Come on! Everyone's opinion is worth listening to? Surely you can think of some people who don't say anything worth hearing? The world is full of utter balloon-heads who utter nonsense morning, noon and night. Jeremy Kyle springs to mind.
    If you're saying everyone deserves a listening ear in times of distress then that's a different thing entirely. But to say we should listen to everyone no matter what **** they come out with is just daft.
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  16. Feedback from TAs on the achievement/success/further support of children during tasks is an essential part of a TAs role within a classroom. This is not necessarily true of feedback on the teaching. In an ideal world teachers and TAs should be able to plan together but we don't all live in an ideal world. Another point to consider is that no matter how well qualified a TA is, how many degrees they have or how many other TAs they assess, they are not responsible for what happens within a classroom, nor are they the ones that are accountable for the success or failure of the progress of the children. Teachers have trained for this and have to do what they see fit as the best for the children in their care. For some people (especially NQTs) this is a steep learning curve but it is something that all teachers go through at some point in their careers. TAs may not always agree with what a teacher does or how something is done but such is life. It's the same for teachers - they may not always agree with SLT etc but at some point, decisions have to be made - whether or not opinions are sought, or whether or not opinions are worthwhile - and decisions are made by those with responsibility. In a classroom, that's the teacher - live with it!
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  17. NicoleK

    NicoleK New commenter

    Oh dear- the idea that everyone's opinion is worth listening to is where the world is going wrong perhaps?

    I personally don't think that the fantastically well-informed George W Bush's opinion on the world has ever been worth listening to. Just one example, I could go on for days.
  18. Whether or not it is worth listening to everybody's opinions may be a point for debate, but what surely isn't in question is that fact that it is entirely inappropriate to offer an 'opinion' of someone's performance of their job (in this case, the teacher's) completely unasked, in the middle of a lesson and in front of the class.

    It sounds a bit unprofessional to me.

  19. I have to completely agree with duvetqueens post spot on!
  20. Oh dear poor you! whilst I believe that the TA may be thoughtless in giving you teaching advice in front of the class; Your comment regarding this tells us alot about the sort of person you are. Yes you are the teacher, but remember you don't know it all, but then you must be perfect because like you've said "her advice is not worth listening to". If you are feeling threatned by the TA, then be professional and discuss it. I would think to receive feedback at the end of your lessons could be beneficial to both of you. Don't be too judgemental, TALK to the TA, remember TEAM work is the name of the game. Good luck to both of you.

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