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Annoying science technicians

Discussion in 'Science' started by Pilchard1408, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. captain scarlet

    captain scarlet Established commenter

    Always keep on the good side of your technician, it is amazing what you can get last min, as you forgot to order
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  2. border_walker

    border_walker Lead commenter

    I have always found that this works with all school support staff.
  3. Goat2

    Goat2 New commenter

    Two excellent technicians, our order usually consists of saying which unit, the name of the experiment (investigation) and any odd extra. One tech always try's out new practicals or if you suggest the one you attempted did not go to plan!
    Other equally qualified and exceptionally helpful but really annoyed me as now looking for a career change - unlikely in current clime to replace them with their equal.
    Previously - Miss 90%er - gave not quite everything you asked for!
    The one who only would set out Biology and always had Tuesday off for CPD mainly because she kept failing the courses!
    And finally one who was rarely around when you went over to her campus possibly "at prayer" and her last job was to place orders for dissecting kit but didn't read the parts which claimed the instruments were in packs of ten! Anyone need 80 odd forceps seekers...…………..?

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