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Annoyed today

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by roseangel, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. I was phoned at 8.30 last night and asked to do supply at the school I begin covering a maternity leave next week. I had asked for no work today. I have to visit and feed my mother who has Alzheimer's and lives an hour away. Reluctantly I said I could do the morning but not the afternoon if they REALLY needed me. Agency went back to the school who said no, they only wanted me and for the whole day. So I gave in and agreed to do it. When I got to the school today I wasn't needed in the class I'm going to cover, nor had the school said it had to be me. I was really cheesed off. There are plenty of other supply teachers who would have been glad of a day's work. I needed a day off work. It's a lovely school, and the class were great, so it was not as if there would have been any problems finding anyone. Why would they do this? The only reason I can think of is that it was easier for the agency and they know I'll usually do last minute jobs.
  2. I had a similar type experience today roseangel. It was 20 past 9 this morning and I had given up on getting any work today. My wife decided to hit the supermarket early to get the week's shopping out of the way. The agency phoned asking me to go in to which I replied that I wasn't available now, if they had phone 10 minutes earlier, I would have been. The consultant curtly stated that they were swamped and I could have had some work today.
    I spent the next hour wondering if I had blown it with the agency when they phoned with afternoon work which I agreed to do. Agencies are great at piling on the guilt if you turn down any work and some do take it personally if you are not at their beckon call. They act like you should be eternally grateful for any scrap of work they offer you.
  3. girlychemist

    girlychemist New commenter

    It's simple toby, the Agency wants THEIR person in 'cos then another Agency can't get their toe in. I had a call from an agency today asking me to do 1 period in a school 20 miles away. When I said sorry I had an appointment at the Hospital it was yes but will you be out for last period? [​IMG]
  4. emmadrg

    emmadrg New commenter

    Who on Earth would travel 20 miles to work for one hour? Are these agents stupid or something?!
  5. The annoying thing is that my agency more or less has a monopoly here. I'm sure they could easily have found someone else if they'd tried. I do think a lot of people like Fridays off though.
  6. At least someone is actually getting some work, even if it is not economically viable. I have found the same thing, although not very often, I have to admit. Occasionally, I get a call to something like TC or TA work for half a day at some great distance. We no longer run a car, so having factored in the cost of public transport, I would probably be out of pocket.
  7. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    annoying day last thursday here too!
    had a booking at a primary they cancelled last minute (which is really annoying and i think they should have to pay some sort of fee to the agency AND the supply teacher for wasting time.
    So i got out of my "uniform". Agency rand, "did i want secondary work on TA pay but teacher role" No thanks.
    Half eight, another call. "new secondary 27 miles away". Which i took as i am broke. Wish i had not the school was dire!
  8. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    Remember to negotiate your rate for part day work. If they really want to keep in with the schools then the agencies must take a hit on the pay they get for short working hours if its still not a good proposition then just say no. Believe me they will start to respect you if you are up front with them in a professional way.
  9. e26


    My agency are pissing me off so much - I know it's probably my fault, (and I know a lot of people would love to be in my position)....but they just keep phoning and harassing me, and leaving voicemails going "you could have had work today" - WELL I DON'T WANT WORK TODAY BECAUSE I F*CKING HATE IT AND IT'S A REALLY HARD JOB AND IT'S NOT WORTH THE ABUSE!! sorry for the caps! They keep sending me to this same secondary school, and it's basically just teenage boys fighting in front of me, walking out the class, kicking the **** out of each other, threatening each other with whatever they can pick up. Call for emergency help and it takes 20 mins, and then the offender gets pleaded with and begged to leave the class. If I do one day in there, I literally don't want to do a second day, so have my phone switched off in the morning! Supply work is supposed to be flexible???! It is a f*cking **** job - you have no security, you get phoned up at 8am and sent to a hellhole - and they have the audacity to moan at you for not being contactable constantly! Surely being flexible and choosing when you want to work is really the main perk of the job!
    They have sent me to primary and nursery and that is lovely! I should say to them that I just want ot do primary/nursery....but scared they'll get ****** off (?). Desperate for another job!
    Sorry for ranting! I'm now sitting with my phone off but know I have two voicemails - too scared to listen to them! Stop hounding me! Does anyone else have this problem? I suppose I shouldn't expect them to be mindreaders, and should just tell them I don't want to do secondary any more?
  10. Yes, tell them you don't want to do Secondary.

    I had a similar problem with 1 particular agent from a branch of my agency in the next city. He kept phoning me, wheedling and harassing in equal measure til I said yes to the work he was offering. However, he often lied to me that it was a lovely little school (Secondary in special measures and with a 19% A-C at GCSE), or that it'd be teaching my specialism all day( 1 out of 6).

    I asked my own consultant to write in my notes I wasn't interested in any work in the next city. He still called me. I said no, repeatedly. I stopped answering, and finally he stopped calling.

    You have a right to say no.
  11. e26


    Haha yes you're right - I just need to tell them I don't want to do secondary. I feel like they HATE me and think I am a right weirdo! But I just got phoned up and offered a day doing reception tomorrow - and I'm f*cking ecstatic! I was like 'yes fantastic THANKS VERY MUCH!!" I would literally work every single day if it was primary/nursery/TA/SEN.....but secondary is just tooo much. On Tuesday I did a 2xhour year 8 tech, and 2xhour year11, all boys, construction. Horrific. The year 8s were actually worse - I had no control after about 40 minutes. The year 11s kept on walking out the class, and back in, and telling me that they desperately needed a ****.
    HO HUM!!
  12. It wouldn't even cross my mind to do secondary work. I am primary trained and primary experienced. I get plenty of work at that level and simply would not do secondary. I have never been asked to.
  13. Don't feel that you have to say yes to ANYTHING you don't want to do. If the agency is that desperate they could always send someone from their office to be a CS for the day.
    If you accept everything you are offered you will always be the first person to go to when something challenging comes up. Why would they waste such a gem by sending you somewhere that everyone else is happy to go?

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