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Annoyed by a recruitment ad

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by SEBREGIS, Feb 25, 2020.


    SEBREGIS Lead commenter

    I've just read a job advert for a school I know very well to be an absolute hellhole. I couldn't see a single word of description which reflected the chaotic, ill disciplined and dangerous environment staff face there every day. It makes me so angry.

    I really wish there was some kind of network where you could actually ask other teachers for an unbiased take on their workplace, free from worries that management will persecute them for giving an honest opinion.
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  2. bonxie

    bonxie Senior commenter

    Wouldn't it be good if the honest opinions (of the job/school) of any teachers leaving a school was a required part of job adverts for their replacements. It would go a long way to making employers/SLT treat their staff well and would be much fairer to those applying for jobs.
  3. colacao17

    colacao17 Occasional commenter

    I was browsing jobs this week and saw one that interested me. The school website made it look lovely, until I found a section in news/notices home which was a copy of a letter sent to all parents&students about the appalling beaviour of their students after school and the threat of police being called.
  4. MrLW1

    MrLW1 New commenter

    They should introduce a school version of Tripadvisor for former staff
  5. Penguin47

    Penguin47 New commenter

    Let's face it, such a system would be abused with nitpicking and trivial matters. Though I guess in those instances it would be up to the reader to utilise some common sense.

    SEBREGIS Lead commenter

    Realistically, I don't see a solution. But when you know how bad a school is, its infuriating to see them describe behaviour as 'untroubled' and their attitude to staff as 'supportive'. When you know that they provide no training for staff (and precious little by way of resources) seeing them boast about outstanding CPD opportunities just galls. You couldn't advertise a fridge the way some schools promote themselves.
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  7. ellenlilymay

    ellenlilymay New commenter

    Yes the "Emperor's New Clothes" comes to mind. All walk around the school all day thinking how wonderful it is. But it's not.

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