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Ankle cast off - harder to walk than before!

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by lilypot, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Not really sure why I'm posting as I know it's just because the ankle is stiff but owww! My ankle hurts! I was fine walking in the cast for the past 4 weeks but now I'm cast-free, it's stiff to the point of any bit of pressure from any angle seems to be painful.
    If any of you have been in similar situations, how long did it take for the ankle to be not so stiff? Sleeping last night was painful as which ever way I placed my foot, it had pressure on the joint. I've not taken painkillers/ibuprofen for the last month and for some reason will feel like a failure to go back to taking something (crazy I know).
    I've got a tubigrip on it, but I don't think that's particularly helping (it's not hindering, but not really doing much - and when I take it off, all the dead skin flakes off too - eurgh!).
    Just cross with myself because feel like I've gone back to square one - even though bone isn't broken.
    Thanks for reading.
  2. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    Try leading with your bad foot going down stairs, then bring your good foot down to that same step and so on. Lead with your good foot going up. Good to heaven bad to hell is how I was told to remember by the physio.
  3. Hi Lilybett
    No, I'm not in a walking boot thing. I had the cast off last THursday, was given a tubigrip, a short appointment with a physio who gave me a leaflet on exercises and the promise of an appointment more local to me. And then on my way! They did offer me crutches but I declined (just felt depressed at the thought of going back to crutches when I've been walking fine for the last 4 weeks). They said I didn't really need crutches as I was walking quite steady andbecause I didn't have ligament / tendon damage, I wonder if that's also why I've not had the walking boot thing.
    However I am walking alright and going to school fine (yet to trust driving to school yet, although have had a quick go) but really trying to discipline myself going down the stairs properly, rather than compensating the lack of calf muscle by sticking opposing hip out. I'm getting there slowly though....
    What exercises were you told to do Lilybet? I've got point & flex, rotate the ankle, stretch calf muscle using a towel and rolling ankle from side to side when on the floor. The PE teacher at our school also recommended a 'wobble board' so I might invest in one.
  4. Ahh, have just googled 'tubigrip'...
    Yes, Dr. McDreamy did say I'd done something to tendons/ligaments. I wasn't really listening! He was rubbing my foot! [​IMG] My big flaky foot! Haha
    You're right. Is SO tempting to just slide up and downstairs a few times and deny it to the physio but you realise it hurts a bit less each time? Who knew ankles were such funny things?
    Okay I also do 30 sec calf stretch avec towel
    Sit somewhere with a laminate floor, put a folded towel on the floor. Use your feet to push it backwards and forwards 10x
    Sitting down with feet on floor, lift heels off ground and then back down 10x
    Standing at kitchen counter (put your hands on it!) lift up onto yr tiptoes and back down 10x
    And she also gave me this weird stretchy plastic tape-stuff. She gives me a new one every time I see her, they get less stretchy each time. Sit on floor/on bed. Lasso it around your foot (at the ball, like for that calf stretch) so you've got the resistance and stretch yr toes so they're pointing away from you like a ballerina, bring them back up to start potition. x10
    With the tape-stuff round yr foot again providing resistance, move yr foot inwards as if u want to inspect the underside of it! 10x
    ...and same thing with yr foot going the other way, out to the right
    Also with tape-thing, you need somebody else to now hold it so it's the other way around, and you're pulling against it to bring your toes up towards you x11 - jk!
    You could use the towel for these, or even like a rolled-up binbag or something?!
    Wobble board, too. It's really hard! But weirdly enjoyable. You WANT to beat the damn thing. But apparently the break affects yr balance so it's smthg good to work on
    Hope this helps! xx

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