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Animated story about identity, survival and hope...free downloadable on YouTube

Discussion in 'English' started by Makermaker, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. I am a Hackney-based artist and writer. I have previous experience of working in primary schools as a learning mentor and have also conducted literacy workshops based around my work.
    My animated story, 'We Dig for Matchbox Victory', is playing on a 50 inch plasma screen in Hackney Museum between now and 28 April. The work is part of the Artist's Eye project, in which various local artists explore the impact of the coming 2012 Olympics.
    The story is a road-movie in miniature about four Matchbox construction toys from the 1950s to 1960s, who escape from captivity to try and find the place of their birth - the Lesney Matchbox factory.
    What they find instead isn't at all what they expect - the factory has gone and new flats have been built on the old site. Next, they try to get jobs on the Olympic site, only to find that the place looks more like a prison than anything else.
    The story examines themes such as a sense of identity, belonging, changes in the place where we live, hope and resiliencence - so the content is potentially relevant to a far wider audience than just Hackney children. It also contains original archival images of the old Matchbox factory at Hackney Wick, and I wrote the soundtrack specifically for the work.
    The project is self-funded and not commercial. I'd love it if as many children could see the work and perhaps use it as a starting point for a discussion. Although it is conceptually simple enough for a child in Reception to enjoy, the themes it touches on are suitable for much older children to work with if guided.
    Here's the link to the YouTube page. The story lasts about 8 minutes.
    If you think there's a better place to post this page, please help me out by suggesting it, or, moderators, please move it for me.
    I'd also love to hear any feedback on this forum.
    Thanks for stopping by.

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