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Animal poems for yr8

Discussion in 'English' started by BowieWho, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Could someone recommend a couple of animal poems which i could cover with a middle/low set year 8 group? (Or even just one lol).

    I have been given a couple which i think the class will struggle with. One which makes use of many diffeent techniques would be great but obviously any ideas would be FANTASTIC! :)
  2. Could someone recommend a couple of animal poems which i could cover with a middle/low set year 8 group? (Or even just one lol).

    I have been given a couple which i think the class will struggle with. One which makes use of many diffeent techniques would be great but obviously any ideas would be FANTASTIC! :)
  3. Hi, Eagle is good. I've done it with both high and low abilities- just guage the associated tasks accordingly.
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  4. I have a really good one called 'The Mongrel' by Thomas Hardy, which would work really well. What about 'A Case of Murder' by Vernon Scannell? Ifyou leave an email address, I will gladly forward the texts of the poems.
  5. Reynard's Last Run (sorry -can't remember who wrote it) is good - could perhaps spark/follow on from a debate about fox hunting. Or what about McCafferty (probably wrong title - the one by T S Elliot)? Would The Raven count?
  6. vshell

    vshell New commenter

    How about Blakes Tyger Tyger - my low abilty class loved this. I got them to use the poem to draw pictures and annotate with quotes. I also used a poem to compare it to - 'Tiger' can't remember who wrote it - will find out at work tomoz and post. I also have some poetry books at school - A poem for evryday of the year, Ted Hughes Animal poetry and others - will look through them tomorrow

    Good luck

  7. Oh wow thanks guys :) Some great ideas!

    I heard about The Raven a while ago. Did someone follow this up with showing the Simpsons episosde 'The Raven'? Would that sound logical?

    pink cat - who is the eagle by? :)

    phoebe - that would be brilliant, they sound really good thanks :) bowiewho@hotmail.com

    anna - i like the idea with the fox hunting link! Im going to look into that ;)

    vshell - wow that Tyger Tyger, i love the ryhmes! I think they'll love that!

  8. You should have mail but I am not sure if you gave me the right one. The hotmail.com address bounced so I tried hotmail.co.uk, which seemed OK. Otherwise, some random person now has 2 poems!
  9. I like Hughes' poem 'The Early Purges'.
  10. I love Ted Hughes (and not just because he has the same surname as me!) ;o)
  11. Hey thanks very much pheobe :) Sorry about the confusion with my email, i didn't even know it was .co.uk lol. I could only open the A Case of Murder poem though, not sure if i was meant to be able to open the other too(?) They came up as POD files or something :-S

    Anna - thats great about Teg Hughes! And sooo wierd lol. I did his Torto story with my class today and that was by Hughes! Great that you've put me onto his poetry, thank you :)
  12. vshell

    vshell New commenter

    found it

    Compare Blakes 'Tyger Tyger' with Michaela Morgans 'Blakes tyger'

    Goes like this

    Tiger! Tiger! turning white
    In a cage just twice your height
    Six paces left, six paces right,
    A long slow day, a longer night.

    Tiger! Tiger! Dreaming still
    Of the scent? The chase? The kill?
    And now? No need. No place. No scope.
    No space. No point. No hope.

    Tiger! Tiger! Paces. Paces.
    Once he flashed through open spaces.
    His world once echoed to his roars.
    Now he's quiet. He stares. He snores.

    An inch of sky glimpsed through the bars.
    A puddle. Concrete. Smells of cars.
    He snifts the air. He slumps. He sighs.
    And stares and stares through jaundiced eyes.

    (she wrote this after hearing about tigers in captivity - they can gradually lose their colour. losing their camouflaging stripes and they eventually can fade to white)

    Hope it helps.

    I love this poem and it's a great one to compare and contrast with Blakes.

  13. Shell, thank you so much! That poem is so sad :-(

    I had Tyger Tyger, it is by William Blake, right? And is the above poem titled 'Blake's Tiger'? What's the connection with Blake? :-s

    So a comparison would basically run along the lines of this poem painting a much sadder and more somber image of a tiger, right? I'm new to all this lol.

    annapops - i would LOVE to see that Reynards Last Run poem. Is it availible online anywhere? :)
  14. vshell

    vshell New commenter

    Hi Bowiewho

    Tyger by blake describes a tiger in its natural habitant full of vibrant colour etc ... Michaela's ppoem describes what man has done to the natural world and it's inhabitants, how we are draining the life from one of the most georgous creatures on the planet (my favourite animal happens to be the tiger!!) - it shows what can change over a short period of time and serves as a warning- it's great to use in debates - you can get pupils to write letters about endangered animals, research and create leaflets loads of extension activities from this

    Hope it helps - look at the rhyming scheme and use of visual imagery in both poems.

    let me know if i can be of any more help
    my email is mcooke@ctk.lancs.sch.uk
  15. Hi I have another tiger poem if you are interested....A Tiger in the Zoo by Leslie Norris

    He stalks in his vivid stripes
    The few steps of his cage,
    On pads of velvet quiet,
    In his quiet rage.

    He should be lurking in shadow,
    Sliding through long grass
    Near the water hole
    Where plump deer pass.

    He should be snarling around houses
    At the jungle?s edge,
    Baring his white fangs, his claws,
    Terrorising the village!

    But he?s locked in a concrete cell,
    His strength behind bars,
    Stalking the length of his cage,
    Ignoring visitors.

    He hears the last voice at night,
    The patrolling cars,
    And stares with his brilliant eyes
    At the brilliant stars.

    Hope this is of some use!

    P.S. Shell - love the tiger poem you posted! I will definitely be using it!
  16. The Mongrel poem opens with the Publisher program. You might have this at school?
  17. phoebe - yes, that makes sense now :)

    captainneemo - Thank you! Great to have that to work with also :)

    shell, is the title 'BLAKE'S Tiger' in any linked to Willian BLAKE? Is it some kind of response to his Tyger Tyger poem? I dont get it lol.
  18. vshell

    vshell New commenter

    Hi Bowiewho

    title is 'Blake's Tyger - revisited' SORRY.

    Think the title says it all.

    She is comparing how the tiger has changed from a free, majestical animal to one that is held captive in modern zoo's etc.

  19. Oooh that's even better :) Thank you ever so much. One last thing lol... when was 'revisited' written? Do you have any idea? :)

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