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Animal friends, do you have an idea...?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon3372, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. For quite a few nights now, I have been hearing some animal/bird making strange...I am not sure how to call them...sounds outside my window.
    It sounds sad.
    At first, I thought it would be some animal in pain and went out to check, but of course, in the dark I found nothing.
    Now I am beginning to wonder if it is some night active animal calling its mother, out on the hunt? It sounds like a young, lonely animal, but during the hours of daylight, there is nothing to be heard.
    What kind of animal/bird could it be? Could it be a fox cub?
    Apart from the fact that the b.ugger is driving me mad...it is awful to listen to, the poor thing sounds so...helpless.
    And I have been out again to have a look and can't find it...it is quite loud, so I am discounting rabbits!
  2. My memory must have been wrong, Airy.
    - though it was a written description.
    On another site you could hear a soundtrack - with the young Little owls squeaking and the young tawneys hissing.
    Anyway, it seems as if I am wrong about the cause being owls - of any type!
    I do like owls. Have none near me though.
  3. Owls have a certain magic about them. Is it barn owls who hiss and gulp? We have bats nearby and I sometimes hear their chittering but it isn't loud enough to keep me up, thank goodness!
  4. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    It would be surprising if you could hear bats, but possible. My daughter can still hear them and she is in her twenties. I remember when I could hear them and it reminded me of someone sharpening a carving knife.
    Owls do make a range of noises. We have tawnies near us and they do a stint most nights. Lovely!
  5. Well, they are still there.
    giraffe, we did an experiment. My ex, my kids, 4 neighours with their 7 kids and me all went out.
    It is the bats.
    The children and me can hear them.
    The other adults can not.


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