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Anglia Ruskin

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by groovychick38, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. Has anyone heard anything from Anglia yet? Looks like it could be end of Feb before we hear anything now that GTTR deadline has been extended to Feb 28th.
  2. Hi groovychick,
    I'm glad the deadline has been extended as I was beginning to worry that our applications would be unsuccessful by default if Anglia hadn't got their act together by the 14th. Was it you who rang them? Hopefully we should hear next week [​IMG]
  3. Yes, Teach 1020 I rang AR on Wed to be told that decision may be made next week - although Admissions officer was v reluctant to say when next week!!!! The GTTR deadline info is on their website on the student page. In some ways it's a relief as it won't show on track as a rejection by default.

    Also feel relieved that at least I have had an interview - some folks posting on here haven't even got to interview stage and have only just been rejected - not good as their 2nd and 3rd choices have already been filled. Seems like GTTR, TDA and UNi's need to get their act together and communicate a little more!!!!!!

    When was your interview?

  4. I won't hold my breath now that the deadline has been extended!
    I can't believe people have only just been rejected after not having an interview, surely that would be something they would know instantly! I had my interview just before Christmas, 23rd or something. It was quite a relaxed process I thought and not stressful at all. The 2nd and 3rd place thing just seems like a joke - my friend was in the same situation last year and the places of her 2nd choice were filled by the time she had been rejected from her first - you may as well only have one option!
  5. This is all really frustrating...have to reply to a formal offer at University of Greenwich within a two week timeframe as to whether to accept the place they've offered but am still awaiting the outcome of Anglia's decision. Given the interview was on 10th November it would be useful to know if it was likely to be a refusal at the very least............seems like you're being really rushed in to decision making without even having had the benefit of having all the infromation you need at hand!
  6. Twiglet44,

    It might be worth you phoning the Uni tomorrow to see when decisions will be made. You could stress your situation and don't worry about hassling the UNi - we deserve to know what's going on as have waited so long. You shouldn't have to be in this position and feel pressured into making the wrong decision. If it was me, I would accept the place at Greenwich as you can always decline it at a later date if necessary. Having been messed around/made to wait for so long you should think of NO. 1 first!!!! Hope this helps?!
  7. Because I've not applied through GTR for a PGCE . I've applied through UCAS for an undergraduate programme and so can apply for up to 5.
    I will contact them though because I really don't want to make a decison that I might regret later through being rushed.......especially when we've been kept waiting for so long ourselves.
    Good luck to you both too.
  8. Can you post an update on here if you hear anything? Good luck and fingers crossed!!!!

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